Monday, June 29, 2015

Hot temps, french speaking update and love for France…( response to Dad's letter)

AH I will be in Paris July 2nd and July 3rd, too bad I just barely missed them! Its ok though. We have zone conference ther in St. Merri again, and also I have my 2nd year legality so we get 2 days there, and I am staying with s.simpson, and s.tippett, so that will be so fun! The weather here is SUPER HOT. the same as you guys, except france does not have AC. At all. Our apt. is a oven literally. the church has no AC either, we have resorted to our 1 fan, and the members are asking President to give us permission to stay inside during the really hot afternoon hours because they said if we go out for more than 30 min we will get heat stroke. SO HOT. But other than fighting the heat we had exchanges this week and I was with a francophone from Bordeaux. It was really fun, I got to speak a ton of french, and the best part was at the end she told me that my accent does not sound like an american speaking french. she said the way I formed my sounds was very french. She said it was refreshing becasue a lot of missionarries work hard on their grammer, which is good, but at the same time, half the language is the accent. so that was really cool. We had a fun exchange, we met with a less active and she taught us how to make beignets. It was just fun to be with a francophone too. I didnt get a pic of it though, darn. anyway. S.Erickson and I continue to have the time of our lives here. Really, I finally feel comfortable with the life, the language, and the culture here. It is literally my home, I love France dad. Its really amazing. The other day S.Erickson and I thought about going home, and we both almost cried. We are more than excited to be with and see family again, but its really amazing what this life has turned us into. 
I love you and hope you have an awesome week!

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