Monday, June 15, 2015

A conversation back and forth with Ashley and these were her responses!

hey yes I am here, I will try and get some pics of Chateaus near by next pdays, today it was really overcast, and we were worried if it would rain.

hahah i have make up that is spf 20 and some sun block that is 30, but yes and the hotter it gets, the more burn it becomes, ahah we will have to break out the sunblock soon!

I sent it to you guys in oregon, i sent andrew a letter at that address, but it never got to him, so I figured he will just get it when he comes home, it was a safer bet, and a lot cheaper.

oh if you ever get like little samples of laundry dryer stuff, bleach, or softener, everyone hand drys their clothes in france, but we have dryers, but nothing like the soap or nice smelling stuff like the usa, somethimes i have to wash my g's like 3 times before they smell good enough to wear haha 

i have started to do some video diaries so when i send this next sd card home it will have some 
longer videos. 

If you ever are wondering about what I am doing during the week, just know I am loving life, laughing, and probably teaching someone about the gospel. LIFE IS GOOD,

Im excited to come back here  with you all!. Also side note, everybody here thinks im russian....EVERYBODY! hahaha 

anyways im going to go, but thanks for chatting, I love you and hope you have an awesome week!

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