Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas conference and possible baptism!

Hey dad, this week has been much better, I am doing much better with my compainion, we have been talking more about change, and humility, and I can see how much she is changing already, I really think Nogent was a good city for her to be in to understand the world. Its been hard on her and on me, but the change is worth it. Im so happy you got my package! I love that place its so good! Anyway the lady at the store was so nice and was so excited to hear they were going all the way to the states she made a special box all of the best chocolates and gave me bubble wrap haha, so i hope it turned out ok. 
For christmas were going to a member families house the Angulo's who gave us a coordonne this week of their daughters friend who will be baptized by me!!! Jan. 31st 2015, dont ask me how lucky i will be to have two baptisms in my mission already! Thats what i get for serving in Paris! YEAH for Africans and their believing! Hahaha, so I only have 7 weeks left here in Nogent, and I know when i leave Caen will be open for a sister and also Belgium! Also a lot more, but im really praying for one of those... also that I will go where they need me.. but if it happens to be there Im not complaining lol. So today we will leave for Nancy again on exchanges, im excited to get out of Paris once more, and then on wednesday we have a big christmas conference in Versielles again so that will be fun! and a huge ward party on saturday and we were asked to help out with a play the primary kids are doing so that will be fun and super cute. Im really excited for CHRISTMAS though, and i got both of your packages, thank you so much! 
Hope you have a good week and also for skype the Angulo family told us we could use their computer so by 7:30pm on Christmas, so i think thats like 9 or 10 in the morning for you on Christmas! So happy and excited to see your faces! 
Love, Ash

Ashley with Santa on the Champs

Things looking up and Christmas on the way...

Hey mom. so this week has been much better, learning and growing a lot. It was really nice that my companion opened up to me and I can tell just in the last two weeks a huge changed has happened in her, just becoming more humble. She knows she still has a lot to work on, and im not perfect either at all, but just that she is recongizing it is so much better. Its taken a lot of the burden off me. anyway this pray we are going to visit Sainte Chapelle and Musee d'Orsay and maybe the Eiffel Tour. The soeurs in Evry have no idea what was going on so they asked us if they could join me because i am the only one who knows how to get around Paris nowadays lol. I am feeling more and more comfortable with the french language. and more settled in. I am trying to get better at my contacting and such, but we shall see, im just not a natural like some.. cough court... she needs to go on a mission she would be so much better at it than me! So, yeah, thats my life, just prepping for Christmas, which i can now skype on christmas day at 19h30 so like 10am or 9 am your time. So you can still work on Christmas Eve haha Ill be with you too mom. I pray for you guys so much all the time and im so thankful for the wards letters that they sent! Tell them a big thank you from me! I love them for their support. Also i just reread what i said, that sounded really prideful lol, im not at all a perfect missionary, but now i know i can just work on tackling one thing at a time! Also today were leaving for Nancy for our exchange again, Im excited. Then we have a big christmas conference on wednesday so im excited! YAY!! things to look forward too. also i only have 7 weeks left in Nogent, so i guess knowing that im leaving soon, is making me like it more, and there will be a ton of sister villes open for me to go to, but Caen and belgium will be open so i really would think it would be cool to go there!! But wherever the lord needs me I will go. Love you tons and cant wait to see your faces! I will try and include some pics for you guys but i will soon send my chip home and you can look at my time in Nogent!! 
Sending my love!