Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow in Rexburg and Logan

Andrew;s Bangkok pictures

January 31st update....

Well, the first month of the year has flown by and here we are. I can't tell you how fast time flies nowadays.  This week we had a disparaging one at work so I will talk about other things.
Andrew is seeing the Bridge over the River Kwai, and Bangkok and beautiful tropical islands off of Thailand. He is checking in and posting some pics on Facebook so we know these are memories he'll cherish for a lifetime.
Ashley and Courtney are busy working hard at school. Ashley went to church for the first time in her ward. We are glad she stayed in Logan this weekend as she got bucket loads of snow.
Rob finished the project under his bathroom sink this week. Now he has a new faucet and replaced the moldy mildewed cupboard under. Man, our climate is a wet one. He also wet vacuumed Andrew's car and got a ton of water out of it. Wish I knew where the leak is in the little purple contraception.
I am starting to think about taxes - oh heaven help me. I am making progress on my other goals however of getting financially more organized, and getting pictures and sewing projects underway. I am also thinking of signing up for Community Emergency Response Team training to buoy up my knowledge for the emergency preparedness fair in September. All in good time.
Rob and I have been watching Chuck, hot tubing and he just made a really good oreo cheesecake desert. Life could be worse. Until next week-

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ashley with friends from FPM

Ashley getting injection for neuroma

Charlie right before she went to Pugmires

 Courtney with friends in High school 

Courtney knitting

Ashley's test she will take

Sisters right before leaving to go back

January 17th update

This week Courtney flew home on Friday to reunite with family and friends for Cameron Johnson’s funeral on Monday. It has been an emotional week and I am proud of Courtney for her composure at a difficult time. 
Rob and I went up to get her from the airport and her flight was late. We ended up going to the movie 13 Hours, the Bengazi story. It was quite well done and we both enjoyed knowing the true story. We got dinner at Red Robin playing trivia and kind of made it a date night. Courtney’s flight finally arrived after 10 pm and her long day of travel was behind her. 
I took her to get her hair done and then she went to Menley’s house for scrapbooking for Cameron. We are all going to Ed John’s home this evening for a  pizza get together to be with those he loved.
Ashley called several times this week. She was cute how she was trying to get the car started and panicked when the key wouldn’t turn. We talked about pulling the steering wheel and turning key and she got it going. She went to Hannah’s house this weekend and got togethter with more friends to to a session in the Salt Lake temple. She has been feeling melancholy for France this week but just sent this message which was very uplifting :

“ So like I said this week was a bit rough. But today with all my FPM friends it just reminded me of how many blessings I have in my life! Thank you for all your support and love you’ve given me. Today I realized how many opportunities we have when we just accept the change that comes with the future, and how much we can learn from the past! Love you guys”

Andrew is getting ready for Thailand. He has said it is very cold there now. He is good at calling and communicating. He dressed up as a “professor Stevens” with a shirt and tie and with a mustache and the kids loved him. 

Our home teachers just came, had a nice visit with them. They always bring such a nice spirit into the home. 

Rob sanded the bathroom only to find the mold has overrun the boards under the sink. 
Another repair project is in the works. 

Mom is going to Jeanne’s house around the 19th for a visit - hope its a good one. Amy stated her sister in law just found out she has bladder cancer - so sad. 

Jeanne and I and Amy now all finished reading the same book, it was fun to all read the same one.