Monday, June 29, 2015

Teaching by the spirit….( response to mom's letter)

So this week was really fun, something spiritual. We have this new amie, with the Ipad thing Im really not supposed to tell you details of our work btw. Its illeagal here in France to put information on someonelse on the internet. But, she is cute. and the last lesson, we talked about the plan de salut. the plan of salvation. it was very heartfelt and strong, she has such a sincere desire to do the right thing in life. Oh I really admire her. So we talked about baptism. and I asked her if she felt she had recieved a response from her prayer asking if it was the truth. she said she felt a very peaceful calmness. and i asked her if she thought it was the spirit. she said she knew it was, and she knows this is the truth. MOM IT WAS SO COOL! So please please pray for "Venessa" this week. We are going to try and set a baptismal date tomorrow with her. She is amazing. We really feel like the spirit is so strong in her lessons. and I know one of the biggest things we can do it LISTEN to the spirit, and ASK inspired questions, based on our listening. When we do this, everything works in harmony and the investigator can really feel the truth for themselves.
I love you and have an awesome week this week!
Love soeur Stevens 

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