Monday, June 8, 2015

Transfer news to Orleans!!!

This transfer has been particularly hard for me, as you know we are a trio, with a companion who is really struggling to find happieness, it has been a transfer of keeping the work up, and for the most part doing it myself, my other companion is really here for moral support. But I know it was hard, but worth it. I have made some very strong bonds with members and investigators and really have completely fallen in love with Rennes. I know though, through it all, as good as I love this ville, and members, I asked Heavenly Father for the best thing to help my companions, and the ward, which I thought meant I would stay here and S.Hansen would leave, but turns out I am leaving! I got an email, and I'm packing up and leaving Rennes. I cried for a little bit, this place is worth a lot to me and I would have really liked 1 more transfer here, but alas, the will of the Lord was different, but he gave me something pretty cool to look forward to! 
I'm going to Orleans with my MTC comp! Where its about like california weather, and surrounded by 20 chateau! So I am so compeletely happy and stoked for this next wednesday! 
I got your package, everything is awesome thank you so much! I loved that dietary thing, that was cool, I am leaving a ton of stuff here though, so im not going to take much to orleans, im too sick of heavy suitcases. haha
I love you all thanks for the love and support for serving a full-time 18 month mission.
Soeur Ashley Stevens

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