Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pictures from the last few weeks! Lots happening...

Broken leg, wedding and summer visits

Well, what a couple of weeks. Here's the latest:
David and Amy came with Breyden and Aria and then Courtney and Max and Ashley came too and Andrew arrived also! Needless to say our house was full to the brim but with happiness and people we love. We went to the rodeo, then took the jet skis to the coast and on July 4th played at the lake.
This is when Rob turned his jet ski and fell off and broke his leg. Susan and LaRon took us over to the emergency room and sure enough Rob's right fibula was broken just above the ankle. Susan & LaRon drove the boats home and then we stayed in Lincoln City the night and came home the next day after visiting Pacific City and Tillamook cheese factory. Then we had a busy week hosting here, getting the schedule figured out and getting Rob looked after and doing some early wedding stuff with Courtney and Max.  They were able to get their engagement pictures taken, pick out a cake, and establish the venue. We walked thru a wedding rental place and she chose her colors.
The kids and David and Amy all left at the end of the week, Max drove Cody Kartchner's truck back also. Then it was just Andrew and Rob and I and seemed kinda weird for a while but now we are settling in. Rob ended up getting surgery on the leg and having 11 screws and plate put in as the fracture travelled up the back of the bone further than was initially thought.
Our weather has been muggy ,  Andrew is looking for work, Courtney's work is going to dissipate down to 15 hrs soon and Ash is still busy busy scooping ice-cream and having the summer of her life.
We will see where life takes us -