Monday, July 6, 2015

Teaching and being a missionary!

Bonjour! Oh wow has this week happened so fast! And my time with sœur Ericsson (my other half) is just going by way too fast! 
Well we started the week with 104 degree weather but ça va we did it. Had a couple fruges but it was still fun when you have an amazing companion that laughs along with you. We taught our progressing amie Vanessa again this week and it went great! She asked all about the word of wisdom and chastity and our values. She wants to be baptized! So we are trying to set a date right now for September 😀! So stoked for her and for how much she loves this gospel it's truly inspiring to see. And through it all we taught her in 100 degree weather outside because her apartment manager won't let us into the building so we have to meet at a park near by (It's against French law to preach in a government building). 
Then the next day we went and taught with one of our favorite members sœur Penverne. She is really an amazing woman in the ward who has really dedicated her life to the gospel and sharing it as much as possible. We taught another amie of ours Marie who I believe will be baptized in August lets Person raising both hands in celebration🏼. So then the next day we got up at 5:30 and took the train into Paris for zone conference and rode with the zone leaders and elders from Orléans. We got to zone conference and got to catch up with a lot of old missionaries I haven't seen in a while. It was really fun. And we got to hear 7 "dying testimonies" haha it's when the missionary is on their last zone conference and they give their testimony of their mission. BEST THING EVER! It's so spiritual and you really can see how much missions do change lives. Then we had an awesome formation on our iPads! Yes I finally got my iPad! So that was fun. Then we split into our proper zones and our zone leaders gave us more training. We did a role play of ward/branch council, and how we as missionaries can best be involved and efficient. The zone leaders called me ahead of time a week ago and asked me if I would be the Relief Society President for the role play lol. So I had a couple things I had to do, but mostly just act out how sometimes ward council can get a little out of hand and over talkative about specific people, idk maybe it's just the French lol. But it was fun and our AP Elder Lam was there and he was just laughing so hard, it was really a fun zone conference. 
Then to top it all off we were staying the night and going to Versailles the next day to do our legalities for the next year. So we got a half day in Paris, we saw the Louvre and went down the Champs Élysées, and the Arc de Triumph. all with my best friend, so I guess you could say it was an amazing day. Then we got to stay with Addison and Soeur Simpson! So that was super fun, and there was another companionship of sisters there and one of them was soeur Simpsons MTC comp! We talked for a bit but it was sweet, Simpson thanked me for being an obedient trainer and actually teaching her how to do missionary work. I guess her comp struggled with her trainer, but what can I say training is hard. Haha. 
Then the next day we got up early again and hit the RER to Versailles and went to the police prefecture and after 4 hours of legal documents and a stuffy hot French office, I'm legal for another year, and can somewhat speak French haha. Then right after we went just across the street to the "Hill of Consacration" where we went the morning of my first day in France and made goals for our entire mission. It was quite nostalgic I might say, especially going there with soeur Erickson. I absolutely loved it. Then we went back into Paris after almost dying on the RER because I jumped off right as the doors were closing... I think I'm too used to metros, it's getting bad. Anyway we headed back to our good old broken toilet apartment (tmi we have been filling up buckets to flush the toilet for 4 weeks now). But I absolutely love it here.
Then Sunday rolled around and Vanessa showed up to church which was amazing! And I translated to our recent convert Angela. I hate translating it's really hard. But it was an amazing week. Looking forward to the next.
Love you all! 
sœur Stevens 

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