Sunday, July 13, 2014

Arrival at the MTC!

Ashley’s first letter of mission: Handwritten July 9th,2014 
Dear Family,
Hey guys! I’m here safe at the MTC! I can’t email until next week so they told us all to write our families. I have no idea where to start! I”ll send pic’s later in the email. But #1- I LOVE IT HERE! Everything about it is just awesome! We’ve already been with and helped teach investigators and its so fun! There’s one guy who we want to go back and teach. His life is very interesting and wants to learn so much and very philosophical. Anyway, my zone is AWESOME! A zone is all the French speaking missionaries. We’re going to Paris, Lyon, New Hampshire, Orlando, New Caldonia?.. ( think that’s it- no Canadians! Weird eh?) My district is awesome, there are 9 of us. Soeur Erickson is my companion. She is so sweet and patient. She doesn’t know any French. So we’ve started with Bonjour ca-va? ha ha. My teacher  who gives us all the lessons only speaks French. Its very hard but he makes sure we all understand. I’m one of the best French speakers here, but I still am major struggs. 
We have our schedules for the next 6 weeks and literally have NO free time besides P- day. Its insane, but I LOVE it. Its also very hard not to be overwhelmed with the language. Its a lot to learn, but through the spirit we’ve already learned tons! Also there are a ton of international missionaries and most are in my zone speaking French. Several are from England and it is fun to hear the accents. So in all, there are about 15 of us going to Paris. 6 girls , oops Soeurs! 
Also what I love about the MTC, its not super ‘churchy” or “EFY” ,its real world and we know that so I think that alone creates such a special spirit here that you can’t find anywhere else. The food here is pretty good! Although I’ve only eaten salad and I was so hungry I went and got a bagel which was 110% amazing ha ha. Oh, the showers are also nice and HOT! Our first gym time isn’t until Friday and there are lots of rules. 
Got all my books in French and there is a ton! Lots of learning but my companion et I are setting goals to be better everyday! Addison wrote me a lettter too!(  Her BYUI roomate). It was super sweet! I’m so nervous to go to my mission field! The french building is shared with the Haitian /Island speakers so there are some weird tags I see. My feet already have about 5 blisters each from walking around! Anyway, I’d love it if you prayed for Soeur Erickson to help her learn French as she is trying so hard. I’m extremely tired and have to get up @ 6:30 am and go straight to breakfast! Yum, I’m already hungry again ha ha. 
I love you all so much, 

Soeur Stevens