Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cookies picture and message to make any moms heart burst:)

Tilby just posted this on her photo share. Do you see what kind of cookies they're making? Your berry shortbread dreams! You are such an amazing mom who inspired us so much growing up, I could only help the French people as much as I knew how from how much you taught me. Because of your awesomeness right now somewhere in France people are helping others, and finding happiness and making cookies. Thanks for always being an example for me growing up to continually do the right thing.

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Easter Sunday and Weekly happenings

                                          Easter Sunday- March 27th, 2016           

Andrew is signed up for the proficiency test in Chinese on April 16th. He recently climbed a mountain and has been the bank for the ILP students. He is very busy but happy. I told Andrew I miss his sense of humor which shows through in his texts sometimes and makes me laugh.

Ashley keeps up communication well, is doing great on her tests and planning her spring and summer. She almost got a job for the baby products store but the mountain of car seat laws seemed daunting amidst homework. She then applied for a job at Comcast call center and may have a job there. She recently shared a message and picture with me that was very heart warming and I will include. It has been a difficult time for her with the terror attacks on Belgium being so devastating and the missionaries she knew affected. She knew Elder Wells and Brother Northby especially. 
She is so sweet to have such truely tender feelings for those serving and our many discussions have been focussed on their well being. She continues to follow the Spirit and promptings as she gets them in giving comfort and love to those she knows and doesn’t know. 

Courtney has most of her tax money ($ 1400 ish) and is looking forward to buying a car. She has had a first hand look at Christlike service through the example and experiences of the boss at work - Ruth. This woman is amazing , all that she deals with really puts Courtney’s trials in perspective and she has developed a deep love for this woman. Courtney’s job has been an incredible blessing of companionship and examples and as her mother , I am deeply grateful the Lord blessed her with her work experience. She also has bonded well with her roomates and may go to Colorado at the end of the semester to ride horses. I hope it works out well. 

Rob has worked hard to get the yard machinery fixed. We are going to reseed our front yard since the heat last summer destroyed it. He also fixed our hole under the stove so no litttle visitors come to see us anymore and I love him for that. He played well in his tennis tournament yesterday in Corvallis and will keep playing. He is a source of love and stability and laughter for me and I love him more now than I ever did. 

I am getting ready to go to see Courtney and Ashley and along with Susan, go to conference ( meeting Jeff also) !  It will be the first time we have all gone to conference in Salt Lake City and I find myself rather excited. I can’t wait to see first hand where my girls are living and catch up with them too. I feel so blessed to have found Essie to cover at the office and thankful the money is finally coming in again. Went to lunch this week with Karen and Jodie for birthdays and it was delightful. 

Easter is sad without the kids being here to do hunts and activites but the meaning of it is real. I know Christ lives, and loves us all. Dinner at Susan's tonight should be nice also.  We had Matt and Rachel over for ham last week for his 39th birthday and dessert with Susan.