Monday, June 15, 2015

Teaching , loving the people, and the work - its all good!!

Hey mom,  I am glad you got my package! I hope you liked it! Just some little things that remind me of France, and the life here. 
I LOVE ORLEANS! I LOVE SOEUR ERICKSON. I have not been this happy since I was with S.Tupai. Like I cant even tell you how amazing it is to do work with someone who you get along with so well. We just picked up right where we left off. We teach really well together, and we have SO MANY PROGRESSING AMIES! like its amazing! I think we will definantly have a baptism this transfer. She is an amazing missionary, we do so much, we taught like crazy this week. and we found 3 new amies! so that was super cool. i took a video talking about the high lights. But yeah, life is AMAZING. once again. I told you pres emailed me and said in short"im sorry you had to go through that, but thank you for all you did for the mission and for your companion, and the ward in Rennes, I put you in Orleans because I really think you will love it there and do awesome" so that was pretty cool, just knowing that president knew what I was going through and gave me this beautiful gift. Ah I LOVE ORLEANS really it is beautiful ville. We have the hugest apartment ever and its just the 2 of us, so thats pretty cool. There is one other equipe of Elders here, but its so nice to have a ville all to ourselves, we just can do missionary work anywhere, before we had to split up the ville and you can only contact or port in certain areas, but its so nice here. I love it. And its so hot too, its kinda like california. but oh man i really love it. We get our ipads July 3! same day as Andrew comes home. so thats cool! I sent him a birthday present in the mail. so yep, i think he might already have it, but oh well, i tried. 
The ward here is amazing mom. Like really they were so welcoming when I came here, and we had to teach the gospel principals class my first sunday, it went ok, haha but like they are all just best friends, like there are no cliques its just everyone loves and takes care of everybody. we had several people ask us if we could teach with them! YES! we love that! So it was just so so so fun. Really the people here are amazing, I love them already. My companion is awesome. Anyways I love it here and I love you! 
SOeur Stevens

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