Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekly update June 26th

This week flew by. Rob and I have the yard looking pretty good, had to patch in some sod and smooth some bark but its coming along.
Church was great, lesson went so so, but loving people there.
Courtney is doing well, still trying to make some decisions about the wedding.
Ashley's trip has fallen apart, she is still unsure about what she is doing.
Andrew has signed his contract, which includes health care coverage and has stored his stuff at Ru's place. He will be home on the 2nd.  I have cleaned and tried to prep the house, and will work on the food this week.
It is hot weather, which I am extremely thankful for! Rob bought a new motor for them to install in the brown wave runner and he will hope that comes together.
All in all, life rolls on.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ashley in Logan Canyon

Courtney and Max newly engaged

Popping the question at Provo Temple grounds

Andrew's fake tattoo

Update- June 19th, 2016

Well, lots has happened! Courtney got engaged to Maxwell Brudnicki on June 10th, 2016! We are all happy for her. She and Max are very happy also and busy planning.
Rob and I have worked hard on the yard, and we are still trying very hard to get the wave runners ready for the weekend of the fourth. I find myself very excited to see Andrew, Ash and Court and Max - All of our family plus Ashleys friends, and David and Amy and kids! We plan to cook a turkey and have everyone over on the 3rd which should be super fun.
Court and Max decided to stay at BYUI and are looking for housing for January. Ash has worked her two jobs and studied and played a lot too and seems to be having a wonderful summer.
Andrew is arriving on July 2nd and we are so very happy to see him back also.
Church is good, always pushing me to be more than I thought. I was given a challenge this week and have thought heavily about it. I know this- incredibly thankful for a young man worthy to take our daughter to the temple for an eternal marriage- what an incredible blessing.
Work is busy as ever, but feeling like we are keeping up OK. Website is coming along!
Lots of love,

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lincoln City 

Memorial Day pic

Robbie 8 yrs old

 Website pic

Andrew's favorite students

Courtney in Rexburg on way to work

Update June 5th, 2016

Courtney and Cami came for a visit last weekend, Memorial Day weekend and it was delightful.
We took them to dinner at Nagoya, and got her car registration done, and they went to the beach with me. Then they went to church and we had a picnic at Susan's which Eric and Melinda came to.
It is always so good to see Courtney or any of the kids. We miss her already.
    Teaching has been good, but I am struggling to find the right material to focus on and then filter out the other that I don't need to spend time on. It is a challenge to get it all in, but I love the study and the manual 121-122.
    We had Russell M Nelson come this week to our Stake center and talk about family. It was a great privilege.
    Rob and I are trying to prepare for the family all to come home on July 4th, lots to be done. Our weather has been 101* F. Very , very hot!
Ash got a second job at this sprinkler company as a morning secretary and it seems to be going ok, & her classes are going pretty well too.
Courtney applied to UVU and she and Max will go down next weekend to check it out - it will be interesting to see what she decides.
Andrew is signing up for University in China and going to take a weekend contract to keep teaching. Rob and I coached him to be careful about it, but we think he is going ahead with plans.
Kirsten picked strawberries and Rob and I had a strawberry shake on this Sunday afternoon which was delicious.
Bye for now,