Friday, August 14, 2015

Wish you could see what I see even for a day!

Went to chateau chambourg! It was super fun, and the couple we went with was a hoot, she reminded me of aunt Amy. Then we went and did some emails, I got all your photos and saved them, we went and taught our less  active "my little one" haha.

Well we started out late, but Dad that recipe you have of grandmas brownies has come in handy, we were in charge of district dessert, so I made some really fast, and it's like the one dessert recipe you can make in France, did I ever tell you guys how different the cooking is here haha. Anyway we got ready and got out the door with 4 minutes until our train left, sprinted to the gare and we were running on the platform as the conductor blew the whistle, and we jumped on right as the doors closed haha it was pretty epic timing. Anyways, we went to Blois for the day, first for district meeting, then for contacting. It was super fun! We talked to soooo many people, and out of the 3 equipes we got 3 lessons and 7 contacting cards given out... HUGE success for Blois! Anyway, we then met back up and ate a sandwich and talked about it. Oh man, everyday I fall more in love with this country, mission life, and I have found so many wonderful friends here! We then took the train home.

We went to Marie's for our lesson and taught Priesthood and auxiliaries. It went really well. It's kinda really hard to explain to our amis why there aren't any women in the first presidency, then why women can't have the priesthood. But we testified our the role women do play in the church and on the earth, I think it went ok, but it was one of the harder lessons I've had just because there isn't really an explanation as to why women don't have the priesthood, it's just faith. Then on our way to do pass bys we met the Bourges elders in the gare traveling through Orleans. We talked for a second then the gare guys came. Well that's what we call this crew of dancers who do break dancing in the gare, they are pretty good too lol. We watched them for a while, and then Elder Merrill was like, "man this is better than step up" hahahaha. We also had our DMP meeting, and finalized plans for a movie night Soeur Kemp and I organized, and since we were there I used the computer and guess what! I turned in my scholarship for Utah State, so let's pray that I will get that. I asked Elder Merrill (who went to Utah state before, and he's going to be there after) if a lot of students got the scholarship, he said, yes they really try and give it to everyone. He knew at least 8 people, so I'm really praying that that will go through. 

Well we woke up and did our studies. Then we went down to the immigration office right next to the cathedral and waited forever, then one of the dates was wrong on one of the papers so after all that they didn't accept it. So we called the office and she said they would email us directly with the right paper, but we had to wait a good thirty minutes, so we ate subway on the cathedral steps, it was a nice break, but it took until 4 until we got everything and then we just did pass bys until our appointment with a less active family. 

Round 2 legality haha. And she got it! Haha after we visited a less active. And weekly planned 

Went and taught some Amis haha and more mission stuff! Lol 

We went to church and translated for a German family who were there on vacation visiting all the chateaux near by. They were from Hamburg, we got to talk to them about the Berlin mission a little too. It was cool to see what other European missions were like. Then we went with S.Javoy and taught one of our amies. Then we went and tried to do this pass by and ended up in what kinds looked like a Brazilian ghettos haha where the streets are about as narrow as a Mini Cooper, and all gravel, with doors and paths that lead in all directions. Haha sometimes I wish you could see what I see even for just a day. Then on our way back we were waiting at the bus stop and there were tons of cars going by, so we decided to make people smile, that was fun, in the 10 minutes we waited we got 15 smiles! Haha I love my life. 

Today! We cleaned, went shopping, prepped for the coming week, and oh we will be in Paris for a couple days, conference, then exchanges... IM GOING BACK TO NOGENT THIS WEEK! So stoked for that! I get to see my blue ville again! Oh and next week I'm going to Bourges. Fun stuff planned for the transfer. 

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