Friday, August 14, 2015

Characteristics and Goals God has for you...

So at district meeting this week we did an activity to help us
remember why we are here and what our potential is, but the potential
God sees in us. He asked us two questions, the first,
What are the characteristics God wants you to be or to have? And the second,
What are the goals God has for you? Then we went into different rooms
and read our blessings and wrote down what we thought were our
answers, it was a really fun activity, I think you should try it!

Characteristics God wants you to be or to have:
-shining example to others
-light to those who know me
-keen mind
-understanding heart
-have the art of healing and helping
-intellectual and intuitive ability to see into minds and hearts
-strength and ability to sit in judgement of others
-righteous judgement
-move through this life with grace
-ability to good without calling attention to yourself
-peacemaker and arbiter

Goals God has for you:
-my testimony to become a consuming fire within me
-dedicate my life to the service of the gospel
-complete my task which I was sent here to do
-succeed at anything I set my mind and heart to
-called upon to preside in the Kingdom of God
-invited to council with others
-give strength to those who need it
-mend the broken hearts
-proclaim gospel of Jesus Christ and bring home to Zion those who
would embrace it
-invoking powers of priesthood in my future home.
-create a sanctuary of peace and security in the tumultuous times to come.
-look upon generations from covenants I make in temple
-come forward in the first resurrection
-embrace Heavenly Father and hear,"well done my good and faithful servant"
-lay upon the alter a life worthy of all acceptation, and all emulation.
-future is bright with hope, there is nothing within reason you cannot

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