Friday, August 14, 2015

A week of adventures ...

Email: theme of this week, was "be inspired" 
Monday: well after p day this super cool Tahitian family picked us up and took us to dinner! So we were in the car and they were like, what do you want we'll take you anywhere, so we finally all agreed on sushi... Dad your going to hate me, but I genuinely really love sushi! They took us to this really nice place and we got to eat tons of it! I tried some cool stuff, but my favorite is the salmon sushi, with a little bit of avocado on top. Sushi. Then we ate dessert and shared a message on the living Christ. We took a selfi in the car with them haha. I'll send it too. And they asked if they could help teach with us, so they are coming with us on Thursday to our less actives lesson! 

We picked out a ton of pass bys we needed to do, and started contacting. We came back for lunch and I got your letter! Haha yes I still have my original clothes, but there are things called soeur boxes in each apartment, where you find all the clothes that other sisters left behind, so I just wear them and leave them, so I still have everything you got, I do wear it, but why not wear some other things, you can only go so long wearing the same thing everyday lol. I feel bad for the elders haha. Then we did a ton more pass bys lol. We ended the day with a really good rdv with our amie Annabelle. She is super cool and reads the Book of Mormon by herself, she is French, and asks us questions.... So basically GOLDEN. Hahah. Then we came home and ate dinner. Good day ;)

We started out with a rdv with our amie Marie. And then we came back to eat lunch and we waited for the plumber to come. Then guess what! For the first time in two months I flushed our toilet! He replaced the top part that was broken, and no more mop bucket flushes lol. Then on his way out he made the mistake of asking what it is we did for our "work" hehe we taught him the articles of faith and a little bit of restoration. Then he said he would try to come to church. But the thing that got us was he said, "I'm curious about your religion, you are very clean people, and I can see you have high morals, I like that." Well, COOL! The real kicker is that he has a tattoo across his back that is like an entire image, with black wife beater on, and military boots, with 6 hoop earrings and a ponytail, with shaved eyebrows, which here in France means you belong to a biker gang lol. And he was curious in the church because, and I quote, "looks like you have high standard of living, I like that" haha. Soeur kemp and I both just looked at each other and were like, well we might have been the ones teaching, but God taught us today. So... We hope to see Céderic the plumber on Sunday at church. 

District meeting! We have a new district leader, straight from the heart of Kentucky. Super southern accent he is a bit younger in the mission and it's his first time being DL, the zone leaders called us and we're like, "be nice to the guy it's his first time, ok!" Hahaha! It's ok he gave a good formation. We all made district goals for the transfer, and then the zone leaders gave their formation, and they created a "finding bucket list" so it's challenges we have to complete by the end of the transfer and if everyone does them we get something, idk I forget, but either way it's fun. We went out to a couple rdv's, but we were walking by this tram stop on our way to an rdv, and we passed this girl, walked a little ways and my comp was like, hey we need to go back and talk to that lady, but we will be late, and now it's awk because she just saw us me challenge accepted, so I turned around and my comp was like, crap I don't know what to ask her! And I don't know how I just had this surge of blindless faith and went straight to her, and asked the first thing that came to my mouth, "does this tram go to downtown?" Hahaha I'm crazy. My comp just stood there neither of us knew what to do next, after she said, "yes it does." And I knew it did, but I was like oh crap I don't know what else to ask, but I just kept asking stupid questions, so I was like, "oh are you from here?" And she was like, "actually no, I'm from *a tiny island*" then I asked, "oh do you have family there?" And she was like (at this point a little creeped out, but still answered the question), "yeah, my mom is from there, and actually she is a baptized member of your church, I know you missionaries pretty well." YES PRAISES! I'm not crazy! Well then my comp chimed in and we had a nice discussion and got her contact info. oh it was a funny miracle.

Well we went to a RDV with a less active, who we see every week, and I had thought about it a lot, with S.Erickson we taught some stuff about the atonement, but I wanted to talk more about it. So we choose a Mormon message, I think it's "climbing mountains" in English. Anyway we went through and the spirit was getting stronger, and by the time we watched the video it was the strongest I've ever felt the spirit in a rdv. I had to hold back tears, yes it was a first for me on the mission. But she was really crying, we had a very beautiful discussion on why trials are given to us in this life, and what our purpose here on this earth is. I testified about my mission, and we both got emotional. But, I said, "you know before I left on my mission, everyone tells you it's the greatest thing ever, it's hard, but it will be the best decision ever! So coming here after making that decision, and finding out, what "hard" really meant, and in the beginning, you have to really ask yourself, is it really worth it? And I did, many times, but in the end I decided I had made this decision, and I need to live with it. Well now nearing the end of my mission, I can tell you yes, there are moments that will take you down, and you will need your faith to be anchored, but with the faith we acquire, we can get through our trials, and there is a happiness beyond what we can imagine, but it's not found anywhere else, but here in this gospel. I believe that this strongly correlates with what we did in the pre existence. We knew it was going to be hard, very hard, but we made the choice to come to this earth, to accept these trials, but to learn from them, it's here we act, and anchor our faith. We knew very well that it would not be an easy experience, but we chose it. I testify that there is happiness in this life, and God has given you a way to find it, all you have to do is turn to Him. He is waiting, He has a perfect plan" the spirit was really strong, and I think I finally saw change. What every missionary hopes and prays for. Then we went on and finished planning for next week. We went and met another less active family, and they said they would come to church! 

DL told us guess what! Day of finding!.... In Blois! I get to go to Blois for an entire day and wonder the streets and contact people! Sooooo excited, so if there are any cool places I should check out, tell me! Anyways, we went to our first rdv of the morning which was our rdv with the elders ami, Jean-luc. It was good...we had our member Melody with us too. Anyway, then we went to the church and had our lesson with an amie Orleans has had for a long time, and made some goals with her and hopefully got her into progression. Then we went and visited our recent convert, love her! She is the one that calls me "my little one". We showed a video on overcoming trials and talked a lot about God's plan for each of us. It went really well, like all of our rdv's went really well that day! 

Wow...where do I even start. Well, we forgot until that morning that we were supposed to teach the gospel principles class, but in my defense it was a pressed week, we had a lot of things. So we read the chapter that morning and headed to church. We got there and our amie came, Marie, which is awesome, then...something neither of us were expecting... THE PLUMBER. Yep he came to church, ha tattoos, motorcycle, earrings and all. Get this... The priesthood lesson was on eternal marriage lol. Anyway and also this other guy from California came so we are going to meet him another time in the week. But second hour came and there was a confusion and like 3 members came to get one of us to talk to someone before they left. So Soeur kemp left, and I had to teach the class all alone! Ah it was rough, but got through it, and she came back just before we finished and we showed a bible video of the Good Samaritan, and the lesson was on service. Anyway so then during sacrament the family compos da silva invited us to eat with the American couple for lunch. So we went over and had an amazing 6 course meal, including 2 desserts :) oh it was good, they had some Good Brie, I can finally say that now that I have had cheese every week since I came to France! Haha. Anyway then we went and had a rdv with one of our armies, but we were driven home by the American couple who offered to take us to chambourg for p day! So we might do that for p-day. Then when we were on the tram I walked on and there weren't any seats so I just stood there for a good minute and looked left and there were three seats open, so I walked over there and I was sitting next to 3 older men, like grandpas age, and I scraped up my arm exercising earlier in the weak and it was now scabing up so I started to itch it and one of the older guys was like, hey! Don't do that hahaha. I was like oh sorry, so he proceeded to tell me this"French remedy" for curing my itchy scabs on my arm (he said tonight I have to pick them off, then rub alcohol on it then cover it with honey and wrap it over night, and voila healed)haha. well since he contacted me, naturally I kept the conversation going, and asked him more. He opened up and we started talking, turns out he unfolds his life to me and he was a solider for France in the Algerian war, he pulled out his wallet and showed me all his identity stuff, it was pretty cool. Turns out he was like somewhat of a POW,and was starving for food, and was Christian, surrounded by Muslims, but he said they gave him tea. Anyway he was super cool, and then I gave him our number, so I really hope he calls, he is French and married and totally got the coolest stories from the war! Haha I love being a missionary I get to meet the coolest people!

Anyway that was my week, another full of adventures, and learning experiences, and hopefully, some service. Hope you all have a fun week in Canada, tell everyone hi for me! 
Soeur Stevens

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