Monday, August 24, 2015

Bourges excursion….

This week was uber awesome, but super tiring! 
On Tuesday we decided to do a "finding day" in Orleans, we needed to find some new people! We contacted all day and taught a couple lessons, met some very interesting people lol.
Then Wednesday we had a bunch of rdv. And met with the DMP. I got an email from the mission stating I was officially departing Dec.10th...weird. 
Thursday we went to Bourges and had district meeting in their chapel. It was good and while we were in the meeting this guy walks in and the elder who is in Bourges went to go see what was up, then the district leader left, and we sat there for like 10 minutes, finally I popped my head out only to see them teaching the garbage man who came to give them a flyer lol. So then the zone leaders we're like, Ahhh... I said lets just continue with the meeting, so I got up and pretended to be the district leader and continued with the lesson making up random stuff that went with the topic they were all laughing so hard. Then like a minute later the district leader came back and was like what the heck is going on here? Haha. It's ok the zonies were there laughing too. But, because of that stunt the DL called me Sunday night and is making me do the formation Tuesday hahaha. Karma. So, I have to give a training on "what it means to me to be a successful missionary"... In French. I think we're the only foreign mission that has to have all of our meetings in the mission language because we have a French president. But it's good, it keeps us on our toes with the language. And word on the street is that the France Paris mission speaks on average better French than the Lyon mission lol. Anyways, then we went out and did contacting and we were walking down a street and there was this sign posted to a pole, so naturally I had to read it when there was a picture of a cat, well me reading this poster I guess was super rare in France because then everyone wanted to see what I was looking at hahaha, so we attracted people! We got to teach a lesson. Then after the contacting session we all met back up and ate at the BEST Chinese place! Dad it gives Shanghai a run for its money. Like it was Good. I think this is my favorite district ever! We are all super close friends, and not one of us is from Utah! Can you believe it! Soeur kemp is from so California, Merrill is from Idaho, dudfield from Australia, Williams from Oklahoma, omohundro from Kentucky. So it's pretty surprising! 
Then Friday was absolutely hilarious. We went to go see a less active who lives on a river boat an hour and a half away. That was a day to remember, and best part we are going back to help work on it. She has a little 12 week old puppy too! Reminds me of when Kona and Moki were little. Anyway, after the mission I have to tell you about her, she is awesome. 
Saturday we did the coolest thing too, the relief society wanted to do a bonding activity, which here I guess means going to a chateau, picnicking, and playing 1700's games lol. We went to chateau Meung sur Loire. It's pronounced like if you say "man" then drop the "n" and make a nasal sound at the end of the a, you've got it, just add a "sir" and "Lowar". Voila you can speak French. Haha the tour was so cool it's super hands on chateau and you can touch everything, and they have so much stuff, they show you how they lived in the olden days. It was probably one of my favorite chateaus I've ever been to. Almost everyone agreed it was better than chambourg, just because it's so interactive, and the people that work there are so cool. And we got to play archery haha. On top of it two of our less actives were there and one of our amies! 
Sunday we had 3 amies at church and finalized baptismal plans for Vanessa for the 26 of September. We're so excited! Also mini miracle for us, we had no money because our reimbursements from Paris trajet haven't come in yet, so we were super worried about groceries this week, and as we were standing talking to our amies after church a member came up to me with a huge bag full of groceries! What! Literally coolest thing of my life, I thanked him profusely for it, but he was like, sister, like no problem! I wish I could do more. Oh man I love the members here! They really take such good care of us. We went shopping today and had just enough money for the week! It was so cool. 
Learning opportunities this week. Comme d'habitude..
I have thought a lot about my entire mission all in perspective, as we are both approaching our 14th month on the mission. We have been reminiscing on our "blue" days (when you are being trained) and then when we trained, our other towns, and companions, the MTC, etc. and now both getting our departure questionnaire. It's been a roller coaster year that's for sure, but one I would never take back. There have been days where you feel you are tried beyond your capacity, and days when you are on top of the world and nothing could go wrong. Recently during our interviews I was waiting and only the blue in our district was standing there waiting with me elder Dudfield. I asked him for real how he was finding the mission? How he was doing with everything, and being trained. He said, "I've been preparing my entire life, and always knew I would serve a mission, but even with all of that, it's still been the hardest thing I have ever done. And the only way to know what it is like, or why it's so hard, is to serve a mission. But, I would do it again all over." Well said my friend. It's just been such a crazy year of ups and downs, but this is my most precious year, one I would do over again, because malgré nos épreuves, we find happiness in who we are, and the gospel principles that we found our lives in. One of my favorite quotes ever, "be willing at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you can become"

Bonne semaine! 
Soeur Stevens 

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