Friday, August 14, 2015

Trust in the Lord, He has a plan….

Hey so to start off the week..

After pday we went contacting on the river here and met a really cute Chinese couple! It was really hard to communicate, but we prayed it would work, they committed to come to church...we got their number, so let's hope! Then finished it off with some popcorn for dinner! Haha oh but we got a show of fireworks, or as the French say, feu d'artifice, the French start celebrating their independence with fireworks the night of the 13th then up to the 14th there are fireworks going, it was a pound night with some explosions in out parking lot haha, but it was fun to watch. 

We started out by having the office couple come and inspect our apartment, then they drove us to the church so we could meet our member to have a lesson with our amid Marie. And guess what?! She accepted to be baptized the 22 of August! So we are super stoked about it, and we talked about obedience, I shared the scripture D&C 130:20-21 

20 Il y a une loi, irrévocablement décrétée dans les cieux avant la fondation de ce monde, sur laquelle reposent toutes les bénédictions;
21 Et lorsque nous obtenons une bénédiction quelconque de Dieu, c’est par l’obéissance à cette loi sur laquelle elle repose.

I really like these verses, we are truly blessed on our obedience to each and every commandment of God. We talked a lot about blessings that we have seen in our lives and I just love when Soeur Erickson testifies about her family's conversion. The spirit was super strong and the member did an awesome job of sharing experiences, and testifying, but Soeur Penverne served the Belgium Brussels Mission! So it's pretty cool, one of her mission companions was Soeur Babin! Can you believe it! Then we were invited to her house for lunch and it was fun, their family has a "Soeur book" they are books where all the missionaries you serve with write about your time together and put photos and stuff in, everyone has one. So we looked through all the photos of elders back to 2005. It was really fun. Then we came back and did some language study, then headed our way back to the church to have our DMP meeting. Mission leader for the ward meeting, but the elders forgot the meeting, and they lost their phone on the bus, so we had no way of calling them, but we had stopped by that afternoon to tell them, they live 2 doors down from the Penvernes, comes in handy haha. Anyway they showed up late, but they were there none the less. It was sad, every RDV they have scheduled this week they have been frudged on. Sad. Then they rubbed their luck on us, and our RDV got frudged too that night. But ca va, the life goes on haha. All in all it was a good day, we got another baptismal date! 

 We had our last district meeting! We ate racklette which is really good, it's cheese that you melt with a machine not like fondue, but I can't really explain it. Anyway then cinnamon rolls and they were so good! So much for the 6 months to sexy haha. Elder Faults gave a good formation and shared this scripture in Moses 6. 

33 Say unto this people: Choose ye this day, to serve the Lord God who made you.

34 Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me.

It was a scripture I hadn't read before, It's just really cool to be a missionary haha. But I know that these same promises apply to all who do missionary work. There are definitely moments in life here when as missionaries we feel alone. We feel like we are the only ones getting rejected, and doors slammed in our faces, but it also goes for the successes, sometimes we feel like they are ours as well. It's good to remember, "thou shalt abide in me, and I in you" the Lord is with us in all things, the successes and the losses, He knows, he knows them all. We need to humble ourselves to that remembrance, "it's not about you." We need to constantly keep striving to find ways to do missionary work, and to share this gospel. President Monson said, "Membership in the church is not a cloak of comfort but rather a robe of responsibility." I know when we prayerfully seek to do His work, he will be with us, forever, and always. 
Then after district meeting we went to our rendez-vous with an amie but they weren't home, we contacted a nice lady, but she was not interested. We on the bus were actually contacted by a man, us haha whenever you get contacted here, you will either baptize the person, get told crazy stuff about the church, or like this man say he is a member and wants to know how he can get his name taken off the records... He gave us his name and number, oh silly him, a "non pratiquant" just gave the missionaries their number Smirking face. Anyway we came back and made crepes for dinner. I have a super good crepe recipe, super French, totally making them for you when I get home! Then we went to another less actives house and started the lesson with just the wife, then the husband came in, then the youngest daughter, and followed by the older daughter. It was a super cool RDV. We read "Jesus Christ the prince of peace" i could tell the spirit was really there. 

 oh where to start. We started by doing a little contacting, met a girl who was wearing complete American flag outfit, lol. We talked for a bit, but nothing came of it. Then we ate some lunch, salad and popcorn! Haha. We then went to a members house for service. We didn't really know what we were doing for service but we showed up. She showed us what she was making, and our only pervious knowledge as to what was going to happen was it involved sewing. I thought we were going to make bobo's, or blankets, nope, stuffed animals lol. Started from scratch drew it on paper and cut it out, then sewed on the nose, eyes, mouth, and then paws, (we made kittens). Mine was the scariest thing I've ever seen and I feel bad for the child who will have to look at that all night lol, but hey we got em' done! Then we came back and ate a quick 15 min dinner (my favorite, heated up crepe with hot dog in the middle, catsup, and samurai sauce). Then we took the bus to the church and helped set up for a wedding of 2 recent converts in the ward who were getting married Saturday. Then I'm sure it had to be a FPM record, we skype called an amie and had a lesson! With Vanessa. We talked about obedience, fasting, and reading your scriptures. It was such a good lesson, and over Skype! It was so cool! Then we came home and awaited the oh so nerve racking day of répertoire... Saturday.

Well we did the usual then went to the church and looked at repertoire. And let the shock sink in. Soeur Erickson is leaving, going up north to Arras. Then... Guess what! They closed the elders equipe here! Can you believe it. They are giving me all of their investigators and I'm getting a new companion her name is Soeur Kemp. She just served in Caen. It was crazy. I literally have an entire vile all to myself haha. SO MUCH WORK. but my new comp is in our same MTC group so she is in the same transfer as me, which is a great relief, taking on an entire vile and ward will be a bit easier when you have someone awesome by your side. The ward though was devastated when they heard the news that the elders were closing, they have had the elders in vile for 25 years ish. So huge changes are happening. But hey an all sister vile, WHAT! I'm pretty excited! We have 2 baptismal dates and 3 companionships worth of investigators. Happy birthday to me eh? 

We went to church and had a good last Sunday the ward all cried when they realized everyone was leaving... Or was it because I was the only one staying? Haha anyway they were really shocked by the whole thing, and they said it's been a good 25 years with the elders. But life happens. So then we stayed after for the baptism of a Tahitian families oldest son, it was actually Elder Utahia's cousins! Haha it was really good. Then we went to a RDV with our aime, but she frudged us, so then we went to the church and waited for Vanessa for our skype call lesson. Also printed out our train tickets to Paris and back for transfers, but the route back we have to go all the way through Orleans to blois and into tours, then transfer and come back to Orleans, weird right, so I called the ZL, they called the AP's and sooner than later the one and only Elder Lam is calling us haha. Well got all the train things fixed so now it's direct. We had a good last chat with the district leader, he will be leaving too. It's crazy they are closing so much in the mission, nobody is coming in! Everyone go on missions! Haha we need you! Oh Our amie fridges us as well. 

So yes that was my week. Spiritual I learned a lot this transfer, but my biggest one. TRUST in the Lord. He has a plan. 

Soeur Stevens 

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