Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Lord will protect ( Terror attacks in Paris week)

Hey mom so I will give you this weeks happenings and a testimony that the Lord knows everyone so well, he can determine our destiny. 
So this week started on
Jan.5, Monday: Made calls and scheduled all of our appointments for the week, and in the end called the District Leader to schedule our district meeting, at St. Marri (literally 3 blocks from Bastille, our metro line 1 to get to Chatelet goes through Bastille). We talked for about 20 minutes with such scheduling difficulties because everyone in our District was SO busy this week with rendez vous nobody could find a block to have the meeting. Finally we dicided on 10:30am Wednesday, as it was the only time we could all meet. 

Jan.6, Wednesday: Called district leader again to make sure and confirm our meeting the next morning. He was flustered and confused, and said that he totally forgot to call us back after talking to the Zone leaders who are in our district too, because they had to switch days (totally prompted by the spirit) and go on an exchange in Arras. So therefore we had to reschedule to Thursday. 

Jan.7 Thursday: Woke up and went to a rendez-vous in Chelles, the most muslim neighborhood in our sector with a less-active (WENT AMAZING btw, Soeur Simpson totally nailed it, so proud of her for asking inspired questions). But when we got to the RER station around 11 everyone was in the streets, like I knew something had happened. We came home and then went porting that night, but got a call around 8 saying there had been a shooting, and to get home asap. So we came back and thats when we got the major news that stuff was happening in Paris, in the 11th. It happened at Bastille just 3 blocks from the St. Marri church, where we would have gone practice teaching!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! So we were to stay inside with windows and shutters down and doors locked. I was getting worried at this point. I got a text from Madeline asking where I was and with an update of what happened. 

Jan.8, Friday: Went to District meeting in St. Marri finally and had an awesomely uplifiting training from our DL, we sang some songs and laughed and forgot about what was happening for just a bit. Then we were told we were not alloud to contact or port for the next two days for security purposes, nor go to any Rendez vous in muslim neighborhoods... well thats all of our sector lol, so we had to cancel our meetings. We then heard of another attack in Mt. Rouge i believe, not too far from zone 1 paris. That afternoon we got more news of another attack in Vincinnes which is in my sector! I go contacting there mom!!!! Its crazy I know all these places and the Lord kept us from leaving our apartement. We really listened to the spirit. Then because that night we had an apointment in Neiully Plasance, we would have had to go through the gare Val de Fontenay, to get there. Well we got a call at about 7 that the gare had a bomb threat and the French Bomb Squad was at our gare! AH! So President texted us to make sure we were at home and safe. The Elders called (which they did a ton this week to make sure we were taken care of) and told us they were home and made sure we were safe and asked us if we needed to talk or anthing to make sure we were mentally doing ok too. But, poor Soeur Simpson is so young on the mission and in Paris, and having to go through this, oh i felt so bad, but she was a trooper through it all. We talked about how crazy it was that this was actually happening, I told her she could listen to music to fall asleep. And I was right there, nothing was going to happen... even though I was freaking out in my head!!! Oh I havent slept at all this week.
Jan.9, Saturday: Finally a day when nothing happened, everyone prepared and spread the word of the huge Marche République. We still were inside all day, but the Maynards came and fixed our toilet becuase we havent had a toilet seat the last transfer and we only have one lightbulb that still works in the bathroom, hall and kitchen, so they replaced all of them which is wierd now how bright our apartment is.
Jan. 10, Sunday: Went to church and did some semi porting/ people were still freaking out if we even just said "bonjour" to them I think I almost put a lady in the hospital because I said hi to her. People are on HIGH alert here, nobody is even on the street.. and its Paris. Super wierd.
Jan. 11, Monday: So today we went shopping for groceries and I saw "Le Parisian" paper, and it had amazing pictures and news of the week, and especially the Marche République. Its crazy. There are people EVERYWHERE who wear the "Je suis Charlie" stickers, badges, anything they are all over in shops, advertisements, magazines. Its crazy. It really is a movement by the people, for more freedom in speech. I cant believe I was a part of what happened. C'est fou.
But, through it all I learned the Lord already knows what will happen, he knows all. With that, he promps us as missionaries to follow the spirit, and be safe. I know in the end we are compeletly safe through the Lord. He will always win, and I know this, I know that I can do hard things now. Nobody knew that this is what would have happened this week, when it started out like any other. But I know the Lord has perfect timing. When we follow his promptings, we need not fear, becasue Christ has overcome.
I love you all and want you to know I am doing just fine, a bit razzled by the events but just fine :) Looking up to a better week , an entire day in Paris while Soeur Simpson is at her legalite haha with my MTC friends. 
Soeur Stevens

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