Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New baptism! and new area- Rennes!!

Ok this week has been amazing for me! I'll go by days at a time: 

Tuesday: my last district meeting with these missionaries and it was really hard to say bye! I love them so much! AHHHH But soeur simpson couldnt breath she was so sick so we had to stay in for like 2 days

Wednesday: Had our last meeting with our ami Cynthia and I gave her the form that needed to be signed by her mom to get baptized and her date was this week, but nobody thought it would happen because her mom is SO against the church. But, Soeur Simpson and I have been praying for so long and fasted that her moms heart would be open and she would accept that her daughter wanted to be baptized, and on Wednesday Cynthia came into the church with a smile and gave me the paper and it was signed by her mom!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! She said she was really scared but said a prayer before approaching her mom about it, and told her why she wanted to be baptized and everything. She said her mom just kinda was silent for a bit, then said very calmly, if its what you want. You can be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH Then she asked me if she could be baptized on FRIDAY! In just two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We actually had an all day conference in Paris so we couldnt and it was too short of time for the ward, but then she asked for Sunday, which was possible. So we set the date for Sunday!

Thursday: Went and did regular missionary work, and service for a member, but she actually said I would be doing more service for her by playing wii sports with her kids while she just got to relax.. kinda against the mission rules, but the woman has 5 kids under the age of 5, give her a break. So i played wii sport :) those darn kidos beat me at bowling too... Then we went to go pick up the Soeurs from Lorient! Soeur Erickson got to stay with us for 2 nights because of the soeur conference. So that was super fun to get to talk to her!

Friday: Went to Paris for the Soeur Conference and it was so good to see everyone again! Oh and the training was really cool! I LOVE SOEUR CONFERENCE! haha too bad its only once a year... but then we came back and cleaned the church with the elders and soeurs of Lorient and then hit up some homes for porting :)
Saturday: We were called last minute to help out with a young adult activity in Paris so we had to go again all day in Paris and they had all the youth come into the church and it was like a mini MTC and I got to teach the class, like I was an MTC instructor. So that was super fun and a really spiritual experience, but really hard to stay focused because the only other missionaries there were the Zone Leaders of Paris, Paris STL's, and Mandrin Missionaries, all of which were getting calls from President about next transfer! AHHHHH Then finally at 12 we got the news of where we were going. Elder Utahia called me and told me I'm going to Rennes!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH Britany France So the West Coast!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!! (Soeur Simpson is staying in Nogent with Soeur Tane who is tahitian, and Elder Utahia is also staying in Nogent with another tahitian comp, Elder Maono!!! Beaucoup des Tahitians! Im a little jelly)
Sunday: We got up and went to church and got everything ready for the baptism, it went awesome everyone was there and helped out so many people brought food, and it was so nice to say goodbye to people, and even though I know it was the last day of the transfer, I knew I would have a baptism. I made it a goal to have a baptism these 2 transfers training with Soeur Simpson, and we did everything to make it happen, and the Lord made up for the rest. I know with assurity, when we do all we can, the Lord will always give us blessings, might not be in the time we thought, but it will always happen. I can promise you that. 

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