Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I couldn't imagine a better place to serve a mission than the France Paris Mission...

Hey mom. I think I've already sent you a bunch of stuff, but yeah im going to Rennes, France my comps name is Soeur Whitney Ellis, she is the same transfer as soeur simpson! They were together in the MTC. The other soeurs are on their 3rd and 4th transfers as well. I have heard some stuff about them, but I just can't wait to meet them all! I actually know Soeur Back one of the sisters in the apartment because on her first day in the mission I took her out contacting in Paris for like an hour! So I know she is really cool already which is awesome. I know that Rennes has 150 active members that go to church everyweek too! I guess they are one of the best wards in the mission! YEAH! Im so stoked to work with them! I just really feel like President wants me to lead with love these younger missionaries, and help them with the language. But, I know it will still bring its challenges, living with 4 sisters... wow.... new adventures here I come. Oh I cant believe I am leaving Paris, part of me doesn't want to at all, and I just feel really confused, but I know its what the Lord wants, and I know he is by my side. I still don't know why I keep getting these leadership positions, but shoot thats why I choose to come on a mission, to climb mountians. "The harder the trial the more glory in the triumph" its very true. Paris has captured my heart and I will be forever greatful for all it has taught me. I couldn't imagine a better place to serve a mission than the France Paris Mission. 

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