Monday, February 9, 2015

Snippets from our conversation with Ashley and a peek into her life in Rennes now, she is loving it….

Yeah I am loving Rennes! ITs amazing the ville is amazing and everything!

My comp Soeur Ellis is so awesome, we seriously get along great, no problems at all! She is from Boise,ID oh she is freaking awesome!

 Its awesome its so much cheaper every week for groceries, its like Idaho all over again! And tomorrow because guess what Addison is in the ville just south of me ahah again so i get to see her for district meeting!! Im so exicted!!!! 

This is my apartment of sisters!! THEY ARE AMAZING!

haha ok will do i just sent another pic of all of us in the apartment. I dont know if i have time to write an email. but i will try to send a letter, mom I just seriosly love these sisters so much! THey are so humble and so teachable by our heavenly father, its just like a breath of fresh air, I prayed so hard last transfer for some friends on the mission, and I have never seen a bigger answer, I feel like we were all friends before the mission haha. Its just amazing! 

So we have one baptismal date here and a lot of other amies, really Rennes ward is huge and were invited to all the meetings with the ward and oh its just awesome. I will try and write a hand letter, because i can keep it going for a while and then send it. but just FYI, this is the best life ever!!! Dont worry about me because just know I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!! haha 

Hey i found your emial. I have just enough time to reply!
Not much is up other than having the best life in the world. It is a huge change in villes, this one is so calm, but just amazingly beautiful. google maps Rennes, Saint Anne. SO COOL we contact there a lot. Rennes has 1 metro and other than that busses, so its actually big. I have a huge area that land wise convers all of paris plus up to the coast. so that means Mont Saint Michel is in my area, so we are planning on going in a week or two when the weather is a bit warmer. S. Simpson was really sad to leave me, but i knew bigger and better was waiting for the both of us. It was pretty rough to get stuff thorugh all the metros and gares, but we had the ZL's with us who helped me with my bags so that was such a dream. The train ride was 2.5 hours to Rennes. My companion is transfer 3 so she just started her 4th month. I love it here with the other 3 sisters we get along amazingly well. It is kinda wierd being the oldest, I get asked a lot of questions, and also french questions. But its fun. My district is the 2 soeur equipes in Rennes plus the zone leaders here and the missionaries who are in St. Bruiec who is my district leader. The ward does have 150 active members who are more than willing to work with us. ITS AMAZING EVERY MISSIONARIES DREAM. Thats cool about Rennes, I believe it, its so nice here! There is definantly a sense of calmness here you wouldnt find in Paris. Which just makes me feel like I can breath again. Anyway love you tons
Soeur Stevens 

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