Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ashley is enjoying this area very much, another baptism in the works!

Hey so... guess what!!!!!!!! 
Last monday we went to a soiree famille with the Abbot family and our amie Celine. They live in the country and so we took the bus as far as we could then we waited for them to come get us in their car. While we were waiting at the bus stop Celine turned to us and asked if she could be baptized! WHAT! Literally the second time i have ever met her. And she was like can we do it in March? Well we really think Soeur Ellis will leave after this transfer so March 15 is the last day until she might leave, so she asked if March 14th would work, and Celine was like, yeah totally, I really feel like this is the truth! AH! She has already been taught for the last 2 transfers she comes to church everyweek, and our young adult activity every wednesday! We are so excited! So were planning on that for March 14th! I am just so blessed in this mission to get so many baptisms! After that the week went well, we went and saw our amie Lilly who is actually american but her husband is french. Anyway she told us she had read the intro to the book of mormon and she said,"Im really looking for a religion right now, and after my reading I really want to know more about this!" AHHHHH so we will see her again this week, and hopefully talk about baptism, she loves how family oriented our church is, and she really wants that for her children. Its just amazing! 
Anyway this week we are trying to focus on contacting and finding new amies. We have some solid ones right now, but you can never do enough finding. So I am so excited!
Then I got a call from Soeur Simpson who is in Nogent still with Soeur Tane a tahitian who will leave the mission in 3 months, anyway Soeur Tane got a call from President asking if they had enough room for another Soeur. They did and he said awesome! I have a visa waiter from the south of France you can train together until she leaves! So techniqally Im like a grandma now, but when I told the zone leaders, they were like yeah a grandma to a stillborn.. haha  true, so I dont really know how it will work out, but I just hope good things for her, it would be hard to be in a trio and have two of them be francophones. So yeah... Lots of news, also S. Tupai has called and is struggling with her blue... so my sister haha, anyway I just feel so bad for her, she has a hard life on the mission. So I'm praying for her. Ok this woman we stopped by, she is 94 years old. She basically "founded the Rennes ward. She was the 2nd person to get baptized in Rennes/Bretagne area, her husband being the first. Their first sacrament was held in her living room in 1960. And she still takes selfless! 

So every wednesday we have PPP with the young adults, Its Pingpong, Pancakes, and Penser spiritual. Our amie Celine goes everyweek, so we get to go too! Its really a break from the week we love it! The guy with the blue shirt and the one with his back to you are brothers who are super active with missionary work, they teach with us a lot!

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