Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meeting an Apostle!

Hey mom hows it going? I hope you are having so much fun with Court being home and send me pics of the bathroom! haha I will try and send my sd card home with all my pics soon too. I love you so much for sending that package it was sooooo nice! And Soeur Simpsons mom just sent us a ton of peanut butter and everything to make muddy buddies lol. So were excited. Not much has happened this week except the super cool experience with the apsotle!! AHH SO COOL! He talked a lot about missionary work, obviously, haha but a lot about why we were chosen to come to that spicific mission, he said there are three feelings we get as apostles when we assign someone to a mission. 1. They need that mission president and wife. They will work wonderful together and learn together to be better diciples of Christ. Besides your parents they are the next most influential people and recieve more personal revelation for you than anyone else on this earth. 2. The people need you and you need the people. You have a light that you will share with them and it will bless and change your life as well as those you serve. 3. The future. Your work might not be meant for this day, but you will plant the seeds in their hearts for many years to come. also the language you might need in future imployment, or need the skills you will learn for a future need. 
After this he said if however we dont put someone in the right mission you proceed to the next with a bitter feeling, then the next and the feeling gets worse and worse, utill you have maybe only put three others in missions before you cant even think about anything until you go back and ponder and pray to see where they need to go. Elder Cook said every missionary is put in the right place no matter what. He promised every missionary and gave us the blessing that our missions here would bless others that we meet in life, our families, and friends more than ever. He promised that one day we will know why we were chosen to come to this mission and serve in France. Which I thought was really cool. He really gave us a ton of motivation for this week. Which was nice after a really rough last week. But we taught 12 lessons so that was amazing number for Nogent! Whoohoo! I am sorry I dont have much time got to go! I love you and im sending a letter and some stuff for christmas slowly but surely. LOVE YOU oh went to the Louvre last week, really cool, and more today! I have a ton of pics!!

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