Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey dad! Yeah this week has been pretty chill, really fast! And yeah we do a lot of door to door and street contacting, nothing ever comes from door to door though, but because its winter we cant contact on the streets, so its pretty chill nights of just "coeuring" door to door. Yes also if you can please send some classical music! But if you dont have any you can just send the christmas! S.Tupai was praying we would get it before she leaves lol shes like "I want an american christmas!" lol. But send it whenever works, shes gone anyway lol. I dont think ill train next transfer, idk who will come to Nogent either. Glad to hear that Halloween went awesome and the pumpkins were as cool as ever lol. I want mom to learn FRENCH! You can come pick me up and spend a week in France :) and we can all speak the language! No news on Ebola, except they didnt let a ton  of people back from vacation lol because they wouldnt take planes from african countries with ebola, so its kinda sad a lot of people cant come home yet. Madeline and i just walked the champs together, not much. 
Im really nervous for transfers and my next companion, and i guess my exchange with the STL in Nancy well... i think she didnt like me very much because president wrote to S.Tupai that i had no social skills in contacting.. it was horrible, mostly because the girl i did exchanges with is HORRIBLE! she took us to a neighbor hood that had 3 women walking on the street, and i was like ok, im the missionary dont you want to see how im contacting people but she contacted each one of them and it was super awkward... oh and it was like pelting rain in my face so it was a horrible exchange, we didnt do anything and S.Tupai was so mad it was crazy!! So now shes writing the president how much this girl was not doing what she should have lol... anyway enough of my ranting.
Excited for the baptism this saturday and such!!! YAY!!!!!! Tell you more next week. But now i dont think the president trusts me to be a trainer, and i really dont care. But i think i will email him and just tell him whats going on, My district leader was really mad at the STL's too lol. So we will see..
Thanks for the music! I really appreciate it, i dont have much else i can think of to go on it but i love you and have a fun time in Oregon!

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