Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baptism, call to be a trainer and some inspiring words from mission president...

Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciate the updates on day to day life. But I have big news for you this week, so Im not sure if you know already or not but, I am called to be a TRAINER this next transfer! So 3 more months in Nogent/Paris. Its ok I really dont mind staying here. S. Tupai is going up north right next to Beligum (Valancienne I think) I sent dad the report of where all the missionaries will be. So Im kinda nervous my next companion will be straight out of the MTC. I will train her in the field. I dont know if shes American, or a francophone. Either one, im nervous. So the memorable day of November 8th, 2014. Started out just contacting around Nogent and at 11:45 the assistants to the President called and asked me if I would accept the Lords calling as being a trainer this next transfer(at 12 is when they stop calls because they will sent the email out to everyone that says where you are going, so I really thought i was in the clear lol). I of course had to say yes! So that was crazy! Then we went to the church and learned S. Tupai will be a regular missionary again in the North. I think she was kinda sad that she wasnt a trianer again, or an STL. I feel bad. Either way, I know mountains lay ahead for us both, and we both have the faith to climb them! Im so thankful that she was my trianer, I just hope I can be half as good as her. I mean you cant get much better than a francophone as a trainer lol. I really lucked out. So then after this we went back and started to prep everything for our baptism!!! I cant believe I had a baptism this week too! Clara is just so wonderful. and the Sunday she was confirmed she hugged me so tight and said "I love you more than you could ever know" AHHHHH!!! I just about died. Shes truely found her happiness and it lies in the gospel. I really was just a voice that the Lord could use in conversion. It was so sweet and the ward has just come together better than ever! Its the perfect set up for me to train. I really believe this was Heavenly Fathers plan from the beginning. These next few months will be the hardest months of my mission Im pretty sure, alone in Paris... lol I think she will do more than Im expecting... I hope. The district didnt really change all that much other than me being a trainer, Elder Powelson left he was called to be a Zone Leader up in Beligum, he was so happy! He was praying for responcibilities and to go to Belgium and he got both! And the missionary taking his place with the missionary he trained is awesome, so im sure hes jumping for joy lol. Also transfer day is Wednesday so thats when Ill get to meet her and take her home with me to Nogent! There will also be pictures posted on Wednesday on facebook, so if you want to look it will be then. 
This week has just been a whirlwind of experiences and Im ready for Wednesday to be here, all we have the next two days are lessons with members and our new converti Clara! Yay haha so Ive just been preping everything for the end of the week with my new comp. I really need your prayers now more than ever. I might not be perfect at the language, but I know i know enough to get around and talk to people. I just have to be humble and more than anything charitable towards everyone. 
Thank you for the SS thing it worked! I need to buy some winter shoes, and tights, its getting colder and colder, its only 40's but its so humid here that it just turns into a wet cold. ah... But the coat I got last Pday was a big blessing! 
Sounds like the bathroom is going to be different when i get home!! WHOOOHOOO gone with the bright yellow lol. Sounds like Dad's having a tough time at work and looking to be done. Sorry to hear about that. Wish I could have been there in the kitchen with you cooking and making all your Christmas goodies. I cant believe how close Christmas is! I cant think of anything for you to send, but i really like soft shirts..lol hehe its cold here and im out 24/7 sooo.... 
Anyway this Pday were just going to Paris and Tupai will get to do her last shopping in her favorite stores, just a really relaxing day. I will miss her so much, but I know these mountains were made for me to climb, so why not start now lol. 
I had a moment before the baptism where I just got to think about everything and my new call and about the last two transfers. I really dont know why Im here exactly but I did get a conformation that it was the plan Heavenly Father created for me, this is exactly where i need to be right now. And I know the Lord is pleased with my time in Nogent with Soeur Tupai, and there is no greater feeling than that. 
I emailed the president about my concerns on contacting, french, and just about everthing. He said some very sweet words back. I was expecting a list of what to do and what not, but in the end he said this,"Merci Soeur Stevens pour votre lettre et pour votre question. En fait j'ai l'impression que vous êtes trop concentrée sur la langue française et que vous n'êtes donc pas assez disponible pour recevoir l'inspiration et la reconnaitre. Merci pour tous vos efforts et poour votre désir d'être un vrai disciple de Jésus Christ. Nous vous aimons.."

It translates" Thank you S STevens for your letter and your question. In fact i am impressed that you are so consecrated in the french language, you are too worried about thinking in perfect french rather than feeling the impressions of the holy ghost. Thank you for your efforts and your sincere desire to be a true diciple of Jesus Christ. We love you."
There was more, but that was pretty much what I needed to hear. Its ok, not to be perfect at french. As long as I am listening to the spirit, it will work out fine. 
Thank you for you words of comfort and kindness. I look forward to the next monday! 
Love, Ashley

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