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Zone Conference and the latest mission happenings...

So glad everyone in Canada is awesome, Dad seems lonely lol he sent a pretty good letter. Hope you get home soon for him. Love you tons!!! And you can ask him: here is the emial i sent him just forwarding to you! Also hope its ok i use the debit card i have no money and i really need boots, havent got the package yet either, so sorry hope it will come sometime soon. 
Love you tons!
I know about the zone conference it was AWESOME! We had really good training and we had interviews with Pres and Sister Babin, my interview with sis babin was in english, but then president was like nope FRENCH muahhaha so yeah that was pretty cool to have my interview in french and actually know what he was asking and respond! And there is a new fracophone visa waiter in my district his name is Elder Taochy from Nancy France and he doesnt know english, so i talked to him for a good hour or two in french which was pretty cool, and my entire district thinks im training next transfer, kill me. But ca va. This week was really cool though we are preping two baptisms and we have some really solid amis right now who are really striving to change thier lives, and its just really neat to watch. We are teaching this one couple and we've only just introduced the book of mormon to them and they already have hour long discussions with us about everything, the wife kinda runs the show and she asked us to bless her to be able to stop drinking becuase she knows its hurting their relationship and she needs to stop. Its neat how much they trust in us to help them, but they are really changing and its so cool.
Other things... not really much, just constantly working on French, speaking it more and more and more now. S. Tupai and I mostly speak french now lol. It was funny last night she asked if we could speak english but i just would automatically respond in French and she was just like "hey! I cant change languages that fast haha my mouth doesnt work like that" lol we laughed at how different things are getting. Im so glad andrew is having fun in China! Sounds like his language is coming along very good too! So cool, I really think he could work as a translator, he has really good pronounciation, which is hard to find. Even though so many people here can speak a lot of languages their pronouncation is terrible. especially in english haha. LOVE THE PICS OF KOKO AND MOKI!!! Miss them so much! Cant wait for the skype on christmas! Thats coming up so so so soon! Addison writes to me and we just chatted yesterday night on the phone, sounds like shes doing great in Evry.I havent heard from Madeline but we will get together soon, because the vacations is coming soon. Also because of that the scientists are predicting France will have an Ebola outbreak on Oct.24th so super scary, and at the zone conference S. Babin said if it does become a big issue they will send us all to England, or if you have more than 12 transfers home. so pretty crazy stuff! But Im not too worried about it, I think i heard they had almost got a cure or some drug they were trying has cured some people. Either way, its a HOT topic in france right now. Also yes they do celebrate Halloween, not as big as the US. but they do! They have winter, and halloween displays in the window and the Disney parc has been advertising it a lot too. 

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oh and Elder Powelson dated a "Tegan Schnoor" her dad was Kim Schnoor??? haha i laughed for a while small world! 

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Ok this is my first district!!! Ill tell you about them (starting left):
7: Elder Powelson from Cardston Alberta Canada!!!!! hahaha he's really cool, they own a farm and have alberta beef, and stuff... idk, but hes just really cool, so humble and willing to serve.
1:Elder Gaule same transfer as me we were in the MTC together. He is just about the funniest guy ive ever met. just stories of investigators and life in Paris, if you ever want to laugh just talk to him. Also he;s from Surry England. Has a pretty thick accent so its hilarious to hear him in French.
6: Elder Meng: he's one of the elders in Nogent with me, hes our District leader, he is from Kennewick,WA and went to BYU for 2 years before the mission, he wants to do something with computers but everytime we ask it changes lol. Hes just about the nicest person ever. Just puts everyone before himself. Great DL. 
8: Elder Hall: He;s one of the zone leaders (their equipe is in my district) he's pretty cool, but i havent had much chance to talk to him, but hes straight out of high school. yet already half way done with the mission! and we graduated the same time!
13: Elder Ruttan: From Vancuver BC Canada haha hes pretty much done with the mission hes our other zone leader. He was aka "Grandpa" lol he was really a good example though his french was almost perfect, according to s tupai. She said he really went above and beyond to learn the language. I hope I can be like him with the language. 
43 & 41: The Senior couple thats techniqually in our district but its the first time theyve ever come to a meeting and theyre freaking hilarious, they are leaving home in 2 weeks though.
8: Elder Vance: He's from N.Carolina, but also Parc City Utah, idk, but hes pretty cool. really loves the people and cares so much about them. He;s the other elder in Nogent. So i know him and Elder Meng super well.! They are good friends
Just some funny photos lol :
​ok so im not sure why i sent these lol but... its funny

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