Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rabbit Stew & Leadership Opportunities

Hey Roberto,
Not much is different. It was a rough week just in general, we were so busy, and my comp was just frustrated because of transfer week, we had to go "mother" the new blues because we are in the Paris area. 
Explination (on why Addison is a trainer also):
So basically we go to the church in Paris that day and take all the new missionaries contacting in Paris for a couple hours while they are waiting for interviews with President. So she and I got a call saying they needed us to come help, so we went. No other sister equipes were there! It was a disaster, so we took one new sister out for a bit and we got back and theyre like hey we have to split you two up (my comp and I) So we could take all the new sisters in time. !! That means i had to go contacting in Paris by myslef with just the new missionaries.!! And i was kinda freaking out but I was the only one willing to do it! I ended up taking two brand new missionaries around paris for an hour contacting in French! That was crazy! #1 I cant believe I can speak french well enough to do it! #2 I cant believe i know Paris enough to do walk around and not get lost! haha) so that was really cool, and it showed me that I could do more than I thought I could, and just today I asked S. Tuapi how my french conj. was and she said I have improved drastically, and I am much more fluid in my speach! By the end of this transfer I am hoping to be able to speak with confidence. Ok about the whole training thing. All the sisters on the mission that were older that would normally be the "trainers" are all done with the mission so 9 of them went home this last transfer and only 4 left that werent from my group or the transfer ahead of me. So natually with 10 new sisters coming they had to have all of addisons group train and the four train that were older and two from my group train someone already! And i just read presidents email and he said "learn all that you can from Soeur Tupai, you will need it for your next companion"... I freaked out, and now S. Tupai thinks i will train or something next transfer.. either way its getting crazy here because all the old sisters are pretty much officially gone after this except a couple, and now most of all the new ones are already trianing! I have an interview with President this friday at our huge zone conference... im scared.!
Anyway so some crazy stuff that happened this week.
We for the 2nd time were officially invited to eat with a member family. They made us lunch and guess what it was a 3 course meal. For starters we had pasta with guess what...RABBIT stew on top!!! I got the spinal column with the vertbrea and cord still attatched.. yep that was wierd I have officially eaten a little bunny... then we had baguettes and cheese and salad... and then icecream and cake... so that was an experience and a TON of food! I still can not believe I ate that... and they cooked the rabbit with prunes and the dad was sitting next to me and was like "you should eat the prunes they are the vegatable of the rabbit".. ehhhhh so then I had to eat these soggy prune rabbit thing... ah I cant believe i did that.. haha that poor little bunny... oh well, it all goes down the same tube. 
Also heard about EBOLA VIRUS!!! Can you believe it!!! They are starting to tell people to be careful here!!! Ah im freaking out! Im going to die before I even get home! Do you know how many africans i kiss everyday! And their vacation is in just 2 weeks! Tons of africans coming and going,... its going to spread and I will die! haha there have already been 3 cases in France! and i heard it might have even showed up in the US? Idk but i havent heard of a cure for it yet either. It will kill in just 2 months! CRAZY!! ok so yeah theres that...
Sounds like the new computer system has been good! Im glad you caught on quickly! Hope it all will continue to run smooth! That SUCKS about BYU!!! Ah i cant believe it! Darn. And still no Chick fil a :( Also we can get all the canadian candy here too except crunchies!! Send them please :) hehe love you!! Hope all is well for another week! I give you my luck for trying to beat Tom and Jeff again at another round. Sounds like they need to step it up a notch. lol Glad to hear Andrew and Court are both doing well too! 
Love you tons,

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