Thursday, October 30, 2014

The latest…..

Hey dad, so this week was super long, Im finally feeling better though which is really good, We went on our transfer to Nancy, so kinda next to Strasburg, saw a lot of the French country, really neat Nancy is a great town its so cute!!! I forgot my camera though so ill try to send pics next week. Ah we worked a lot with members this week everyday we had a mangez vous with a family and our ami who is getting baptized this Nov.8th! So were excited about that! Shes really cool shes 27 and wants to marry in the temple! So we’re really happy we found her. Ah, so this saturday we went to the baptism of an ami we had to pass to the Torcy mandrin elders. But it was just fantastic and she was so cute she just said that it was the best day of her life! So that was really awesome! My first baptism that i helped with! Ahhh..... oh S, Tupai is now pretty sick lol passed it on, so i think we will spend the night in for a while. Its getting really dark here, so we cant do much contacting anymore so we are trying to plan better. Oh and transfers are on Nov. 10. Im freaking out because S. tupai is leaving me!!!! I dont know who will be my next comp but i get a new one in 2 weeks!!! Ah im really sad! But s. Tupai thinks if i train it will be a Francophone becuase i know how to work with one, rather than an american, so im not sure. I dont think my french is good enough yet to train someone! Especially in Paris! Im really scared! Ill know though Saturday the 9th so.... Yep, also yes i did get to hang out with Madeline, shes been super busy with school it sounds like a lot of stress. But she is dying to having me come to her house for Christmas haha, but its not possible with the mission rules :( Unless i get transfered to her sector lol not probable but we will see. Yes its really nice to have a washer and dryer in the apartment, i think its because its more money now to go to a laundry mat and pay to wash clothes. Today im meeting Addison again, she started in Charleroi Belgium, but then it was going down hill so they closed it after 1 trasnfer and shes been in Evry ever since. 
Ok as far as christmas music. We can listen to pretty much anything, like all the classics and such. So if you can put it on a USB all the songs, each apartment has a DVD player that can play music on a USB, its pretty crazy lol, but yes we would love it!!!! Also any other classical music or something you find just throw it on there too! WE LOVE YOU!! Yes, ive only seen a few people here with the iphone 6 but it seems pretty cool! Hope there is a phone waiting for me when i get home????? haha jk thats not for another year!! But can you believe i will be back next Novemeber, it seems like I just left and I am almost hitting one year left! AH well love you tons! Hope this week goes well for you at work and home! Give the dogs some love for me and especially some treats for baby koko!! hahah miss her!! And moki lol.
Hey mom,  Im glad to hear everything is going well in Oregon, its been pretty stormy here too, but also really really cold.. less rain, but just bone chillin cold. They have started to just really go all out for Christmas here!!! Im so excited! S. Tupai leaves in 2 weeks so im super sad. you can read dads email, I dont have much time because we are in Paris just close to the Notre Dame right now for emails. lol long story about why we came here today, but it was a long week. We went to Nancy for exchanges which is right next to Strasburg. It was such a cute town, really really nice. I really think S. Tupai will be an STL next transfer, and so many people keep telling me that i will train, but i feel so inadiqute to be a trainer so i really dont think it will happen. I cant speak the language well enough or anything. Ah im super nervous for transfers because i know i will get a new comp. Anyway thanks for being so prompt with the package. i really appreciate it, i send my love to you all, it sounds like you will have an amazing halloween and just a HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you both, sending my love and watch a scary movie for me!! Maybe Silver Bullet lol, i remember that one. 

Love, Ash

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