Monday, October 20, 2014

"If there really is a God? and the value of reading Jesus the Christ

Ok, so hows life have you been to the pumpkin patch? Decorated for Halloween, passing out candy this year whats the deal?! Miss you tons this week was hard, I was sick all week because we just plum ran out of gas lol, we just slept all week and i had the worst nose and throat, ah it made me miss you so much! But its ok because now we are better, and working at things again.

Yesterday was super hard we told our investigator that was having her baptism this week that she wasnt prepared, which was super sad because she was so excited to be baptized but we knew and the spirit told us she hasnt repented quite fully yet, that was hard. She was discouraged, but we told her we were always there for her and excited to see her progression move on. When it comes down to it, we are Christs representatives, and our objective is to bring others unto Christ through faith, and most of all repentance. Its the number one thing. As a missionary we do have a unique ability to see into others hearts, and in this case the spirit has told us she needs more time. Thats really hard as a missionary. We know the blessings that come with the promises we make at baptism, so its difficult to have to refuse someone the blessings because they havent repented fully yet. I almost cried just looking at her and telling her, it was really sad. 

I learned a lot this week about repentance and teaching by example. I read a really good discourse in the ensign "the healing power of grief"

They are really good, a lot of our amis always ask the question, "If there really is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world" Literally I have had that question so many times. I think these two talks kinda help answer it. 

Also another question that was asked us was about preordination and such. Shes super catholic, but is really searching for the truth, she knows something is missing and asks us hard doctrinal questions the last one was, "Judas had to beytray Jesus, it was all part of the plan, someone HAD to be Judas, so why would God suffer him to be the beytrayer?" Thats a hard question in english let alone to answer in french lol, but S, Tuapi had nothing, so i did the best I could from what I had read in Jesus the Christ and such. But she really does have good questions that make us think, and study, but in the end everything in this Chuch makes sense. Its the true church, because its fondation is on Christ. The more I study and learn and see the world the more thankful I am I know the truth, and the more I realize this church is beyond the power of man, the only way something this large could have been made is through Christ himself. 

Anyway going to meet Addison today and Madeline in Paris!! YAH!
Hope this week is better but love you tons and so glad everything went well in Canada! Hows the job btw? 
Love you so so so so so much! Always thinking of you! 

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