Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Realizations that are life changing...

Hey mom, 
So like I told dad not much is new here. Im in a hurry we are meeting a family that S. Tupai knows at Notre Dame at 2. But for the most part this week was rough, just stressful with getting everyone prepped for baptisms working with members who dont want to work with us, and trying our hardest to work with other missionaries as well. It was a tiring week and S. Tupai and I got these massage things from this member lol anyway we gave eachother a back massage that felt like heaven.
We went and watched conference at the church but i still havent seen most of it, with the time difference and missionary schedule we wont be able to finish it until wednesday. I loved the talks though and Utchdorf in General Womans broadcast just brought me to tears.. Its hard as a missionary and when we were watching it all i could think about was my amis. Like im literally in charge of their salvation.. AHHH! What if i mess up or something.. ah it scares me to take on this responsibility at judgement day will I be able to say I did everything I could for these people and worked my abosolute hardest for them. Ah its begining to be stressful. 
Tell Amy and Grandma I said hi, the back of my planner this transfer is Psalm 23 just for Grandpa. I hope all goes well and you will still have fun on your trip! I love you and pass on the Loves to grandma and Amy and her family.
I met the new district also at the church we all had to watch general conference together in english. They are all super nice, and we get along great. Im so blessed to have been put with such amazing missionaries. I really love them all. I loved watching conferences as a missionary. Really i learned so much. Im so thankful for them. 
This week I taught the Retab now pretty much by myself, we have an investigator familly that is really open and the dad said something that just really touched us after we had asked them to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet he said, "I cant becuase if he is, everything i have ever believed in my life will be wrong. My entire life will have been wasted thinking about something that isnt true. If Joseph Smith is a prophet, it would change everything I've ever known" That was  crazy! The lesson was so good, and I know they both really felt it. So he already knows its right and hes just so scared, but knows its the right thing to do. 
It really opens my eyes, these people literally have to change their entire life! Its such a sacrafice and I pray for them that they will be strong enough to make that change as hard as we know it is. 
Im so thankful I was born into the gospel. 
I love you and read dads emial i wrote him some more. 
Love you tons have an amazing week in CANADA! Know that we are working hard as ever and learning and growing so much I love it here always even through the rough times "Alma 38:5" I think its a good verse for us as missionaries. 

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