Monday, September 29, 2014

Starving missionary, but baptisms coming!

Subject: Re: Nogent
GUESS WHAT!!! We didnt get transfered! Im so happy, but a lot of people in my group did, and some are already training! Its crazy so many missionaries are leaving and not a lot here to keep everyone going. They just keep closing more and more villes! I was sad to hear it was Blois :( so now im not sure if id ever go around there. Mostly just Paris area, and North is where sisters are, its very possible for me to go to Caen thought, being in Paris im close to the hub of the mission, so hopefully i can just say hey really want to go to Caen and I bet they would try and get me there haha theyre really arent that many of us so lets hope!
That would be fun to go to Utah again! And word on the street is that BYU is kicking butt this year! WHAT!! thats so cool! Yeah I would if they keep up this winning streak! 
So we were supposed to go grocery shopping but our cards dont work so we have literally no money for anything so im actually emialing at the church this week. So buying food... not sure how that'll go this week and the missionary in charge of the cards wont answer the phone, (hes rough to work with) so were at a loss of what to do this week about even buying milk, bread, and such, there is never any red meat we have money to buy, if we can get our cards to work i will try and get a hamburger at McDonalds tonight lol. 
And DAD come on their is a patisserie on every corner lol we have like 20 just on one street no joke.. its a little crazy. and yeah we try a lot! Its all soooo good! Its also nice because you can buy bread for like 50 cents!! yeah!
Also what!! I really hope we get a chik fil a! That would be awesme! yeah seriously its the best food around nobody cares about politics, just love the food! haha
Hope all goes well with the new computers! That sounds rough, how was the remodel too, send pics! did everything get finished? 
Love you tons! Missionary life is soooooo busy and the time is flying by! Went and did OFII so now im officially legal in France!! Major dr. apt and I got a chest xray and only me and one other missionary understood what the lady's instructions were because she said them all in French! haha i was kinda pround,, shouldnt be i need huimility, but it was nice to know im making progress! So we had to help the other missionaries with what papers to show and such. It took all day! It was crazy, and the dr was just like I cant believe how healthy all of your lungs are! Really nobody smokes?! hahaahah its was great.
Weve had some sketchy experiences but luckly we have the spirit, and just yesterday we had to run out of a neighborhood, turns out it was an Elders Only sector lol oops, so we learned our lesson to always check our sectors before we leave for contacting thats for sure! But nothing too crazy! The africans are awesome prepping them for baptism and this one old chinese woman is also progressing a lot she speaks Mandrin and French with a Mandrin accent, so we have to teach her with a Mandrin equipe of elders and its just hilarous hearing the french and mandrin back and forth... it reminds me of what andrew is doing right now lol. Shes pretty aweome so we think she is ready for baptism, so were really pushing for 3 baptisms this transfer which is more than theyve had in years in Nogent! Its crazy! Weres so happy!
Love you tons!

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