Monday, September 15, 2014

Challenge of the week: Preparation Pays off with great lesson on Restoration

Hey mom,
Im so glad everything went well this week I was praying a lot for you and the family. I love you all! I have seen countless miracles this week. First off, after the letter on pday about grandpa i was really sad, and we actually went to Chateau de Vincennes in Paris, but in my area, wierd i have Paris in my area, we can see the Eiffel tower whenever we go south on the RER, anyway I was laying in the courtyard grass at the chateau there was nobody there, just my comp and I, which was awesome, and sat under a chesnut tree with the blue sky and just finally got a moment to think about everthing in life, and family, and it was just some time and space i needed. Then i prayed for a letter from you just a note or something, and the next day I got your card! It was a miracle i think you were inspired to send it because HF knew I would need it. Ok, so something really cool that might sound wierd... I really think grandpa is helping us here, because this is the first week out of weeks of finding and contacting we found 3 new amis!!!!!! Can you believe it! And the baptismal date is progressing, but they didnt come to church, so were thinking we will have to push it back, but still! Its literally the miracle we have fasted and prayed for for so long, all of our prayers are being answered its crazy how life is working. I think its because grandpa is doing missionary work. but thats just me. 
Im so sorry to hear about Gerry Anderson. i will try to write something. But yeah thats rough. Maybe she could help Peter better in heaven who knows. I just know that I have been thinking a lot about life on earth. I have such a strong testimony of Christs ressurection, and just knowing that he lives means everyone else will too, death is such an important part of the plan, and such a step towards eternal progression, why we always associate it with heartache and sorrow, i think sometimes can be selfish. It is sad dont get me wrong, but its so good for them. they are one step closer to eternal life! How cool is that! The sister whos husband just died said if anything the fact that he is gone now only makes me want to live more worthily so i can return to live with him once more too. we should all strive to live so we can be with our ancestors too. I love you so much and thank you for everything and sending my coat. Its taken an odd hot streak and it feels like summer again randomly lol. Im not complaining.!! 
Oh so one of my challenges this week was this one less active single mom with three kids we visited. The first time we visited I didnt say much because im still learning french it was only my 2 weeks in France, well she just insulted me so much for not knowing the language already, and not trying harder to speak, and that i was just a horrible person. THen at the end of the lesson she said you have to come next week and S. Tupai I dont want to hear a word from you , only S Stevens can say and give the lesson. Ok, See you then. 
WELL CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! yeah so we had to go again the next week much to my utter dissapointment. but i planned an entire lesson, and prayed all day for a miracle that she would soften her heart towards me and not utterly dispise me so much. Well I gave a lesson on the Restoration and how we can build our foundations on Christ, she didnt say a word the entire lesson, and at the end answered my questions, followed up on our privious commitment, and then I told her she needed to come to church. GUESS WHAT! She came to church for the first time in 6 months her and all her kids! IT was crazy then she asked for the  elders number to get a blessing so she can come more often or somthing idk. But it was an utter miracle. I still cant believe it happened! Faith is a power, not just an expression of belief!
LOVE YOU! So happy to finally be settling in here and being ok with missionary life.
LOve you tons

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