Monday, September 22, 2014

A Late night conversation with my girl, what a treat!

I had noticed that Ashley always sent my Pday email at the same time and so I woke up at 3:15 am to have a little chat with her and felt very blessed to converse via email with her! Here are her responses to my questions.
Hi I'm Here!!! Jelly of the hawaiian hamburgers lol!! I miss your food, Eurpean food is still not as good as yours!
Love you so much mom! This week we got 8 new amis!! Can you believe it! The lord is blessing us so much, and S. Tupai and I get along so well its crazy were best friends, i really just needed to change myself. We are having such an amazing time in Nogent were so scared for Saturday to see the transfers

Today is just Lux gardens, and shopping in Paris :)

Just chilling around the city!! But we go there a lot now for contacting lol

i cant believe how much im actually in paris!

YES the package was just in time the next day it poured on us lol. I loved the note you stuck in my pocket, yes i really do follow the spirit and so does s tuapi there are several times when we feel urged, "dont go down that street" or something. Yes we go door to door a lot here, so far nothing has come from it. but you never know! We found most of them from contacting, so just walking up to people and telling them about the church! Its really fun and makes me break out of my bubble of shyness! Im really working on locking my eyecontact,,, so yeah its good. others were from amis who told thier friends and they came to church with them and we scheduled apts !!! YAY!! power of missionary work! Also i loved the scripture tea, after a long cold wet day its nice to come do planning with it!

the luxumberg gardens? idk ive never been but ive heard theyre cool so well just walk around, I think i really like Notre Dame area of Paris, but it might be because im biased its in my zone hehe its the Paris Lila elders, Oh I was going to tell you about them! 

If you stay ill send some more pics! Did you like the last ones lol, did you watch the videos that were embarrasing
awesome, yes i bought another at the MTC. also i wonder if someone stole my blue jacket from my luggage, there were a lot of sisters whose bags were opened and clothing items missing. so i wouldnt doubt it

The grey one is awesome! I just need to get some tights and boots for the weather its getting cold!!

Oh, there are some members who are awesome! 
Ill look for boots here because i think i will buy more fashionable books ish like ankle boots they will go better with skirts than big boots

haha yes it costs so much to send a package though, i can just buy it here, but i just really wish i could get my debit card!!! Its such a struggle, i am going to paris agian on judi for legalite (doctors appt which is like all day testing) its required for my visa everyone has to do it. anyway ill talk to the senior couple about it then again

my knee is good but sometimes just gets super tight and numb feeling, wierd, but my comp is good about it she always helps me if we need to sit or stretch it for a second

Thanks mom! LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and seriously if we thought our ward had difficulties, no ours is awesome compared to here... but on saturday the AP's will call us if we are doing anything crazy i dont think so, i think i will stay in Nogent for a while longer! ok got to finish dads letter and go,! Love you but Paris is calling :)


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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. I love hearing how Ashley is growing and the work of God we can see through her perspective. I need to write her soon. Stacey