Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter to Rob, just updating about everyday life in Paris

Hey dad! I heard it was a pretty crazy weekend for you all! Hope the BYU game was awesome and that we won! Last Pday was fun we went and toured Chateau de Vincennes in Paris, which turns out is also in my area, so I always forget that i actually do have some of the heart of paris in my zone! I think were going to another chateau today and paris! Yay although we go there so often now, it feels normal. I feel like im finally settling into the whole "missionary life" thing and the culture of europe. It was rough at first, but they said it would take at least 6 weeks to get used to the life, so that makes me feel better. I hope Andrew is doing ok with the whole culture of China deal. I just keep thinking of how it was here, and just being so thankful im not in China! 
I bet its wierd not having anyone at home anymore! Im sorry about that, but it wont be long, you'll have Andrew and Court back for Christmas! And me too for the next next one!! I think I will come home Nov. 2015! So i think I will make it to Thanksgiving maybe too! Yay! 
So ive sort of become a fan of the whole baguette sandwich deal they are soooo good, so far my favoirte is called "le Parisien" its a baguette with butter, ham, emmental, and pickles. Pretty good combo. Also ive tried some amazing cheeses here. Oh still havent had a crepe! Can you believe it! I will try and have one today, also finally figured out a good european recipie for chocolate chip cookies! Also did you know how expencive milk is here! its like $10 for a little bottle. C'EST FOU! 
 Miss you a lot though, cant wait to hear you all on Christmas, but finally we have some amis to work with so with the new motivation and work, the homesickness has left! Its finally beginning to get better. Oh also there was a day where we only spoke french... that was hard, becuase i couldnt even use any english to help describe a word or anything, but it taught me how much french i did know and how much i actually am progressing eventhough it sometimes feels like im not. I can kind of pick up on side conversations, and I get the jist of what people are saying to me now which is so nice! I feel even just a little more connected. Its coming slowly, but its teaching me so much. 
Love you and miss you all the time,

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