Sunday, June 5, 2016

Update June 5th, 2016

Courtney and Cami came for a visit last weekend, Memorial Day weekend and it was delightful.
We took them to dinner at Nagoya, and got her car registration done, and they went to the beach with me. Then they went to church and we had a picnic at Susan's which Eric and Melinda came to.
It is always so good to see Courtney or any of the kids. We miss her already.
    Teaching has been good, but I am struggling to find the right material to focus on and then filter out the other that I don't need to spend time on. It is a challenge to get it all in, but I love the study and the manual 121-122.
    We had Russell M Nelson come this week to our Stake center and talk about family. It was a great privilege.
    Rob and I are trying to prepare for the family all to come home on July 4th, lots to be done. Our weather has been 101* F. Very , very hot!
Ash got a second job at this sprinkler company as a morning secretary and it seems to be going ok, & her classes are going pretty well too.
Courtney applied to UVU and she and Max will go down next weekend to check it out - it will be interesting to see what she decides.
Andrew is signing up for University in China and going to take a weekend contract to keep teaching. Rob and I coached him to be careful about it, but we think he is going ahead with plans.
Kirsten picked strawberries and Rob and I had a strawberry shake on this Sunday afternoon which was delicious.
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