Sunday, June 19, 2016

Update- June 19th, 2016

Well, lots has happened! Courtney got engaged to Maxwell Brudnicki on June 10th, 2016! We are all happy for her. She and Max are very happy also and busy planning.
Rob and I have worked hard on the yard, and we are still trying very hard to get the wave runners ready for the weekend of the fourth. I find myself very excited to see Andrew, Ash and Court and Max - All of our family plus Ashleys friends, and David and Amy and kids! We plan to cook a turkey and have everyone over on the 3rd which should be super fun.
Court and Max decided to stay at BYUI and are looking for housing for January. Ash has worked her two jobs and studied and played a lot too and seems to be having a wonderful summer.
Andrew is arriving on July 2nd and we are so very happy to see him back also.
Church is good, always pushing me to be more than I thought. I was given a challenge this week and have thought heavily about it. I know this- incredibly thankful for a young man worthy to take our daughter to the temple for an eternal marriage- what an incredible blessing.
Work is busy as ever, but feeling like we are keeping up OK. Website is coming along!
Lots of love,

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