Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekly update June 26th

This week flew by. Rob and I have the yard looking pretty good, had to patch in some sod and smooth some bark but its coming along.
Church was great, lesson went so so, but loving people there.
Courtney is doing well, still trying to make some decisions about the wedding.
Ashley's trip has fallen apart, she is still unsure about what she is doing.
Andrew has signed his contract, which includes health care coverage and has stored his stuff at Ru's place. He will be home on the 2nd.  I have cleaned and tried to prep the house, and will work on the food this week.
It is hot weather, which I am extremely thankful for! Rob bought a new motor for them to install in the brown wave runner and he will hope that comes together.
All in all, life rolls on.

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