Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly update

I had a good visit with Eric yesterday. He came in and hugged me and visited, hot tubbed and ate dinner and played games. He asked about each of you and genuinely enjoyed being here with his family. All this after I deeply offended him years ago. I am so very grateful for forgiveness. The kids are growing so quickly, Paige is 10, Robbie is about to turn 8 and Hailey is 5. They are all busy in swimming, hockey and dance and school. Eric says they could think about moving if the new high school is not in their zone. Melinda is going to Utah this summer again, but later in July and August. 
     Mom has been here a week now. We went to the tulip farm on Friday and walked around the outlets. She shops in the afternoon and then we have dinner and visit here. It has been great so far. 
    We haven't heard anything from Andrew this week, he may be in Korea. 
Courtney is having some car trouble which is sad, hoping that gets worked out. She finally confided in me that she is seeing Max again and she is happy. I am so happy if she is happy. I just want her to be with an active, happy person for life. I appreciate her willingness to confide in me again. She is glad she is not taking classes. She needs a break. She always expresses how much she loves her work, what a blessing that job has turned out to be. 
Ash has been super busy with the group of friends she found at the bonfire. She held a crepe party this week, took finals, worked scooping ice-cream and basically keeping super busy. She is so happy, and that makes me happy. She has some friends who all just instantly get along great and that is pretty special. 
 Rob and I are thinking of getting a lawn mower brand new. I am hoping we can figure something out soon. Work is going well, spring is here, life is good,
Lots of love to whomever reads this,

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  1. Thank you for the love. I read the updates and are grateful for them. Hope to see you in August at the wedding.