Sunday, May 8, 2016

weekly update...May 10th, 2016

My mom ( Grandma Olsen) finished her stay with us yesterday. We were lucky to have her for 3 weeks and it was really quite delightful. She said how secure and comfortable she felt here and I think she really enjoyed her stay. We saw the tulip farm, shopped, watched movies like the 100 foot journey and Jane Eyre and she helped the office. She will be missed. I am blessed to have such a great mother.
Rob made awesome rolls this week, he has perfected his recipe. He fixed the lawn mower and we have the yard looking better all the time. He bought me beautiful flowers and chocolates for Mothers day and I am so grateful for him.
Courtney is doing well. She has a job interview on Monday for a car dealership secretary and paid her first car payment. She played baseball this week in Rexburg and had a great time. She went down last weekend to support Ashley's skating and is just a sweet daughter whom I am so very grateful for. She is still dating Max and seems happy.
Ashley finished out her finals and got straight A's! So proud of her efforts! She was able to schedule her class and get funding for the summer and is happy to have it all worked out. She called this week to tell us how scary it was to get locked in the freezer at the Aggie Ice Cream shop, we laughed but I am glad she is ok. She is still dating Daniel and enjoying her ward.
Andrew called me for mothers day and it was so good to see and talk. He is keeping very busy too. He is attempting to get on at Shandong University as a teacher and won't book his flight until he figures that out. He wants to teach more adult students and feels with his degree and 2 yrs of experience teaching , he has good chances of getting hired on. He says he could make a lot of money tutoring also. He said he and Ru are together again, and he is definitely coming home for late August.
Life is going along well, we are slowly realizing we may never be so lucky to have our children raise their kids near us, but hope to be involved somehow someday. The house seems kind of empty today, missing the days of everyone here.
Church was good, new member of our bishopric, and I got released today along with the whole presidency. It was a rare moment in time to be as involved in the members of the ward as I was, but I hope it will not end. I really want to remember all that Nancy and Natalie taught me about friend shipping and fellowshipping and service.
I am so very glad that relations with Eric are better, it makes me thankful for forgiveness and kindness. I do love them and love him.
Hoping this week is good weather, feeling badly for the people of Fort McMurray, this week fires ravaged the town. Thankful for the stuff I have and especially for people who are so good to me.

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