Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17th update....

Mom arrived on Friday afternoon and her flight was great, so good to see her. Courtney has been working full time now and finding the days long, but loving her job. She is going to look for different car insurance. We'll see what she finds.
Ash took her food handlers license and is ready to start work at Aggie Ice Cream. She is busy with school still and lots going on, but happy. A few more weeks until the end of her semester.
Andrew took his proficiency test, and said it was very difficult. He is not daunted, telling us he will study more vocal and comprehension and take it again. He is waiting of a new teacher from Norway to relieve of some of his classes. He seems happy.
Rob and I reseeded the lawn, but no sprouts yet. Weather has been wonderful!! Matt and Rachel came for dinner and games. Wedding plans are progressing.
Meagan had her baby this week and it was two weeks early, but a eight pound baby. Tyler's mission blog is awesome, love reading his letters. Kiaya is doing well too. Rob is going to Edith Nicolaysen's funeral tomorrow. Not much else to report, Mom and I did a fun craft day at church!
Until later!

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