Sunday, April 10, 2016

A trip to conference and much , much more

This week was amazing. Conference was super, met Courtney and her roomates and saw how she was doing and where she works and went to a movie and ate at Costa Vida. Then went to Ashley and picked her up in Logan. We then headed to Salt Lake via Weber campus ( Courtney is considering) and shopped at the city creek mall and met Jeff and then ate at Tocanos which was an amazing experience. Then next morning we went to Kneaders for breakfast and then on to conference. Amazing session, amazing choir, and overall fantastic experience. Then down to Provo we went to shop more, look at UVU campus and the Provo Temple. We ate a delightful dinner at the Brick oven and then hiked a tiny hike on Y mountain. The view was divine and we really enjoyed our time just soaking in the warm air , beautiful sunset and view over Provo, Byu and beyond. We watched conference from our hotel in Salt Lake the next morning, drove Ashley back to campus, walked around a bit, and said our goodbyes. Susan & I headed for Boise for the night and left Courtney to take the shuttle one last time. Courtney didn’t bring her brand new car ( Honda Pilot). Busy week back here catching up, beautiful weather, terrible toothache and much needed root canal and then talk for Kirsten at church on humility. Courtney also left with her roomate, Kelly, to go to Colorado to ride horses on her aunt’s farm. Needless to say, Courtney is in heaven. Rob and I reseeded the front yard and he mowed the back and front. Mom arrives on Friday so I need to clean up a bit more, but hopefully we can make it fun for her. Dinner tonight at Susan’s for the Laron, Adam, Kristin combo birthdays. Lots going on, Ash got hired at the creamery along with her other call center job and got registered for her summer class. She got straight A’s this term, so proud. Andrew called yesterday and is really prepping hard for his proficiency test on this Friday, April 16th. He sounds like he is making some real life decisions about China and it will be interesting to see what he ends up doing. 
Rebecca McCauley got married this Saturday, went to her reception also. 
Lots of love,


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