Sunday, October 25, 2015

Another week

We went to Blois for district meeting and I love our DL! He was like I've been thinking about the formation and I think what we all need is some comp unity haha. So he's like I have a challenge for you all with will test your skills. He made each of us think of a team name all week, so our team name was the BlueTrunks. Lol a little explanation, in the mission if you are a new missionary you are called a "blue" and when you are an older missionary you are "trunky" meaning you are going to pack your trunk soon to head off. So, the BLUETRUNKS. First is trust, then knowledge, then unity with the spirit. So the first challenge and all of them were a competition against the other equipes, was an obstacle course and one comp was blind folded and the other led them through by telling them what to do, but only in French! The second was a quiz to see how much you knew about your companion, and the last was a three legged race, you, your companion, and the Holy Ghost which ties you together lol. It was super fun, and though we struggled at the three legged race, Soeur Tilby and I still won lol. Then we went and did a day of finding in Blois. 

Well since we opened up a new companionship here we didn't really have a lot of Amis, so we decided to go contacting for ourselves and find some people. Well, it turned into an awesome day and we found people, and miracles! It is just so awesome to see, when we are working together with he Lord we are blessed and miracles happen! 

We had our exchanges which went well, I got to be with a sister who was in my mtc group and we got to catch up, and then both realized how old we were in the mission, and we both kinda got wierded out about the fact it has been over a year since we were in the mtc, then she looked at me and was like, Soeur, you have 9 weeks left in France... Wow... 

We went to PARIS! My stoping ground of the mission and had a blast seeing the Eiffel tour and sacre cœur with Soeur Erickson and her blue. It was the best day ever, really I just love my life right now! 

We found more people, and more miracles! And we got to see Vanessa and then watched the Saturday morning session of conference! 

Busy day but conference! I love conference so much! I was sad because we didn't get to see any of the Sunday sessions and came in late durning the women's and priesthood conference and we didn't know where anyone was so we sat down when Anderson was speaking or Christofferson I can't remember and just kept listening it wasn't until uchtdorf was speaking and kept saying "my brethren" I was like wow this session is really focused towards the men haha, then I immediately thought, wait 11h was when they show priesthood and women's at the same time, we walked in on the priesthood and thought it was a normal session. Lol so needless to say anyone can learn something from the priesthood session. Then because we are a smaller ward everyone went home to watch the Sunday sessions, so I didn't get to see them, but I'm super excited to read them and especially the talks of the new apostles! We also had a couple rev in between the sessions so it was a packed day busy week, but as the French say, "plein des miracles". 

Something I learned this week: 
Sometimes we I'll have good days and bad days in life. The goal is to learn from them both, the good wouldn't be so wonderful if we hadn't tasted a little "goûter" of the bad. I guess as a "dying missionary" there are lot of mixed emotions we go through as we prepare to leave the mission field. It's a huge change once again. And through out the week Soeur Tilby will randomly ask me deep questions, like, "what was the hardest point in your mission?" "Was there ever a prayer that changed you?" I'm like wow.  Ok. Haha well, ahh. Then think about it for a minute, but this week I guess I've just thought a lot about my mission in general. What I've been through, and how I've changed, people I've been with, etc. I feel like sometimes when she asks me these questions I recognize how much has happened in this last year. It's crazy to think of everything that I've done. On Sunday we were eating a picnic with one of the member families, and the young adults came in and we were all just joking and laughing around in between the sessions, and just in the middle of this moment Soeur Tilby looks at me and says, "in two months, 9 weeks, this is all gone." I just about wanted to die! NO! I love too much here, and I just am trying to soak up every last moment. But at the same time I know what I did was enough, and my mission is coming to an end, sometimes it's just hard to face it, and I'm sure the shorter the time gets the more I will refuse to believe it's over, so we made goals this week to help each other accept where we are, and where we're going. Lol. In all it was another awesome week, but a week of realizations as well. 

Funny story's:
"Vous pouvez utiliser le sucré consacré" haha Soeur welter said that one as she was describing how to make fudge to a member. hahahhaha she was trying to say that she used sweetened condensed milk, but instead said consecrated sugar! We were on the floor laughing. And like, that's the key ingredient that's what makes hers so good lol the consecrated sugar lol. 
So, we were walking home with our British recent convert and just talking about how we were speaking franglais pretty bad, well he's been in France for 2 years straight, and speaks perfect French, so just super bilingual right, well this last summer he got to go home for a little bit and so he said he was going to marks and Spencer's to get some carrots right, but in France we call organic "bio" it stands for biologic which is organic, so he was like, oh I'll go the extra mile and get organic carrots, but He had completely for got the word organic. So he went up to the store clerk and asked "do you know where I could find the biological carrots?" Hahahahaha he said after she finished laughing she had him explain what that was, so he said, you know the carrots without chemicals" she was like oh, you mean organic! Haha 

Love you all!
Soeur Stevens 

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