Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Great Baptism, & When we find our true selves is when we will be our happiest.

We went to soirée famille, and taught the lesson on agency and then played loupe-garous. It was really fun, and we had about 4 investigators there too! It was awesome.

Tuesday & Wednesday: 
Our recent convert JJ from Liverpool England asked if he could give us a personal tour of Orleans. It was awesome! He is here studying history and European law. He took us around all of Orleans telling us the history (especially the role Orleans played in WWII [did you know Orleans is the only French city to have been given a medal]) and culture of Europe. We ended at the festival de la Loire which only happens once every two years and we were lucky enough to be here for it! People come from all over Europe to watch it. That was the first day of the festival and it went all week. But, the weather has been sunny, but dropped to the 50's this week which was a drastic change all of a sudden, and everyone is sick. Then we went and taught Vanessa about how to effectively study the scriptures, a really good talk by Bednar. 

Zone conference in Paris and then right after it was Soeur conference. It was very spiritually refreshing and we had a good time catching up with everyone. I loved Soeur Babin's testimony (I would put in some notes, but I took them in French and I'm too lazy to translate 😬). 

Met up with Marie and talked about her baptism. Then met with another member Fatima and had one crazy rendezvous haha. 

VANESSA GOT BAPTIZED! Greatest day ever! She was one of the most special baptisms I've been a part of on my mission, I have been with her through it all, from the first moment I showed up at her door with a Book of Mormon to the baptismal font, and it was worth everything. That was one amazing experience and I hope we will be able to stay in contact for a long time. She is a great friend, and true disciple of the Lord. 

Vanessa was confirmed! Haha the ward was SO happy just congratulating Vanessa, and thanking the missionaries for what we do. It was really cool. The ward really loves her and I can tell things are very solid. I know Vanessa was prepared though before the missionaries met her, and it's been a cool experience watching her grow in the gospel.

Something I learned this week: 
The process of repentance, and the power of faith. I've also learned a lot about humility lol.  I strongly believe we are given responsibility to learn humility. We were able to listen to the "dying testimonies" this zone conference and it was pretty cool. I learned from them, that one of the biggest things I've learned on my mission is anchoring our happiness. When we know why we are here, and when we have a sure knowledge of what we believe we can be given trials and tests and with the help of God get through them and end out up top. I love the quote, "Ce que nous faisons avec persévérance nous devient plus facile à faire, non pas que la nature de la chose ait changé, mais parce que notre capacité de l’accomplir augmente » sorry that's in French, but it's the one by Hebert j grant. "What we continue to do becomes easier, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our ability to do it has increased." I know that when we find our true selves is when we will be our happiest. We are constantly progressing and growing, especially on a mission. 

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