Sunday, September 6, 2015

Contacting and baptism dates… a great week!

So this week happened really well. It went by fast, but it was an awesome week. 
On Monday we had a bunch of appointments and helped a less active family move, so we didn't get to do a ton of stuff, but we still got some food and were able to email you last week! 
Tuesday: my favorite day of the week. We went to Tours for district meeting, and I have to just start this off by saying probably one of the top 5 best days of my mission. We went early and made the train this time lol, and rode with the elders from Blois down to Tours and met up with everyone from the zone, so the missionaries from, Tours, Le Mans, Alençon, Blois, Bourges, and us. So there were 14 of us in total. We went to the church and proceeded with our DM, in which somehow our DL was able to tie in a golf tournament and march madness lol. I love my district and their creativity. Then we all got to have a pizza party thanks to the Zone Leaders because we completed our Bucket list finding goals! And then we all got to play "loup-garou" which means "werewolf." It's a super popular game in France (and especially among missionaries we play it a lot), it's kind of like mafia, but there are cards with characters on it. It's really fun and with 14 people it was just a hoot. And all of the things are in French too, oh man it was so funny. But, with fun and games comes work, so we decided to try something new, kind of like the Paris missionaries and set up a stand and contacted around it. So we did, and they split half the missionaries going out of centre ville and the others stay by the sign, I was put to stay by the sign. But it was so fun! I contacted and taught tons of people and it was the most success of my entire mission in one day! It was crazy! We were all just contacting together, I got to contact someone with one of my zone leaders, which was really cool, he speaks super good French, and had an awesome conversation with this person. We contacted so much that day! Haha. It was so awesome! But man when you contact in France you really have to know the bible. One piece I would give to any prospective missionary, study the bible before you leave! My zone leader knew the bible front and back, and let me tell you it helps! Anyways, it was just the coolest finding day ever, and we got to keep that spirit of finding through out the rest of the week. 
The baptismal date we have for Vanessa we changed to the 26th because we have stake conference the 19th and 20th in Évry. But she is super excited and invited her 2 friends to the FHE we had at the bishops house! It was awesome we ate dinner together and we had poulet de les Pyrénées. It was really good! One of my favorite French dishes. So far I have found my favorite French plates are durning winter from the east and the summer more so from the Pyrénées (Toulouse/Bordeaux). Anyway. It was really nice and everyone got to know each other. 
We got to set a baptismal date with our other Amie. Marie, for September 26! It was awesome and soeur Penverne was there and made it awesome with her testimony! 
We had another exchange in Orleans and so I met with the other sister and the DMP and his wife taught with us our new ami Marc-Antoine. So it went well, and we are going to see him again which is cool. And we got to see Vanessa again!
We went to the church to get news of the new transfer! Guess what! I'm in another trio. Lol. More blessings come with more missionaries right? Lol. Her name is Soeur Welters. She is a lot younger in the mission I think she's been here for 4 months. So we are excited! Get some young blood up in this dying equipe haha. So yay! Excited, and I think I will leave next transfer, ah bizarre quoi. Anyway, yep and still no elders in the ville. So yep, but the best news came when soeur Ericsson called me and guess what?! SHE IS A TRAINER! There is only 1 sister coming in and she gets to train her! Ah I'm soooo excited for her. 
We had our Amie come to church Alexia. We had a super bomb lesson with Soeur Javoy and our amie Mme. Simone. We taught more about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It went super well, and Soeur Javoy talked about her conversion story, the spirit was super strong, so we are excited for the follow up appointment! 
Today we got ready for the new week and the new sister who is coming to Orleans! And in France they have a "Braderie" the best think I could liken it to would be a Saturday market, but it's like everywhere! A lot of sales and stuff so we got to go check it out, and there are people everywhere. It's something I will miss about France, there are always people I'm centre ville just all around, with someone always playing music, it's a very inviting atmosphere for the most part. It's always fun, especially during the music festivals! 
Ok something I learned this week:
Well during contacting on Tuesday it was actually just really cool to see everything happen, but there is some stories. So as we were setting up the table and putting all the books on it this woman came up and looked at us and the Book of Mormon and stuff, and my zone leader looked at me (I was the oldest Soeur my "comp" was in their 3rd transfer) and was like, go talk to her! Haha so I did and I explained what the Book of Mormon is and asked if she had questions, and just did a normal contact and in the end gave the woman a Book of Mormon, our card and stuff about Jospeh Smith from what I had explained. My "comp" just starred at me and when the woman left, was just like, "how did you do that?!" That was insane! Haha I literally laughed, but we worked together for a bit longer, then we all had to switch. But then I got to listen in a couple of contacts with my zone leader, and after I asked him in amazement, "how did you do that?!" Haha right after I said that I was like, "oh I see God", bien joué. I guess we are continually growing and progressing, and it's amazing to watch the missionaries around you grow and see how they do missionary work, how God really uses each one of us differently, but needs each of us, it's kind of very true. "God doesn't call the qualify, He qualifies the called." I have truly seen it. We all start out as missionaries who get extremely humbled, and finally the lord is able to work through us as he molds us into clay and watching these missionaries who have just come in, or who are going to leaving in a couple weeks, gave me just an awesome experience looking at the Lords handy work, and how He is changing us all into the people He wants us to become. 
Love you,
Soeur Stevens

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