Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekly update February 16th, 2016

Well, where to start. With the kids as always.
Andrew is back in China , just hanging around, Ru is in Vietnam and he is just killing time till school starts again. He got hot water back and has been studying Chinese, hanging out with Michael and laying low. He calls frequently so we are glad to see him back and better.
Ashley calls daily ( I love it) and we talk about life. She loves Chemistry, finds Sociology tedious, and likes her pilotes class. She is planning on going up to visit Courtney this coming weekend and I hope it goes well. She also booked her trip home for spring break and we look forward to a week with her then. Already planning haircut and movie. She has set many goals and continues to study her scriptures and attend institute classes faithfully.
 Courtney and Max finally officially ( I say that with bated breath) broke up. He wanted a break again and she was just done with that behavior. I am so proud of her for finally taking a step back and trying to move on. This has been a long time coming. She has not been happy with her classes this term in particular. She has two online classes which seems to be quite a trend for her school. They have not worked out well and she has been very disappointed. Her job is going well and roommates are good but I worry about her overall happiness. I have suggested maybe a move to different university in the fall and she is considering it.
Rob played tennis in Eugene and it is fun to watch him play in tournaments. We both found out the results of our lab tests ( done for the sake of life insurance) and he was high in Triglycerides and I was high in cholesterol! Go figure - finally my lack of cardio is catching up I guess. He blames his on eating a donut before his tests. ( Who knows). Either way, all is well basically here on the home front. The new girl we hired at the office is working out super well, very glad for that.
Mom is down at Jeanne's home still, and Jeanne is to have surgery on her disc soon.
Susan and I and maybe Kacey are planning on a trip to conference in April, I look forward to that very much. Later-

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