Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feb 28th, 2016 update

Andrew is busy teaching like crazy. He is about to sign up for his proficiency test. He and Ru broke up, and he shared with Ashley the details. He just doesn't feel right about Ru coming to America.
Courtney and Thomas broke up and she and I have not communicated well. She is carrying on with life in general.
Ashley is working hard on getting good grades. She scored an A on her chemistry test which made us all proud. She finds there is a fair bit of drama with her mission friends but manages to stay grounded just the same. She is going to meet with Ashlyn this week and come home one week from today for spring break! She continues to call daily, and I could love her more for it. She is very ready for a relationship and  I hope love finds her too.
Rob played tennis all weekend and qualified for sectionals in Seattle in September which he looks forward to in mixed doubles. He found playing with the women much more enjoyable than with Jeff who is routinely sour. We are working on taxes and all the other busy work of life. Kona sheds like crazy so she got shaved again and Kirsten washed everything in the house to try to stay on it. Life carries on.
Until next time - Kirsten

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