Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly update Feb 7th, 2016

Andrew made it home from Thailand safely except with stomach issues and weird sores picked up in the jungle. He saw and did amazing things however and contacted us along the way. He told of a very nice man who helped him when he was so sick, thank goodness for good samaritans all over the world.
Courtney got an A on her Realestate test and played with her friend Alex's puppies all day today after working hard on a Stake activity all day yesterday.  Court got paid her first really good check and is finally reaping the rewards of having a job she found all on her own. We are proud of her.
Ashley did very well on all of her tests, is challenging some, and continues to cry during the commercials and scream on a dime. ( Had me in stitches telling me about her exploits). She is busy after speaking to the counselor trying to figure out her schedule for the upcoming months.
Kirsten started a sewing project this week which is pure therapy to get away from office paperwork. I also hired a new lady to work at the office ( with Rob's permission) and is hoping for some relief especially for Karen but herself also. I certainly feel confident about her and hope it is a step in the right direction.  I also can proudly say, I attended my first Stake conference all the way thru - Saturday night session and there was an early session for single sisters that I took Cynthia to as she is who I visit teach, but also a friend. All sessions were inspired, and truly revelatory.
Rob cleaned his car, played in a tennis tournament, played golf, and watched the Super Bowl  which by the way, the Denver Broncos won.
All in all , a busy week for all of us.
Update on extended family -
David and Amy are coming to visit this 4th of July.
Amy and Todd are enjoying a break. Mom is in Texas visiting , however, Jeanne has been laid up with pain and Abi is getting a bone marrow scan too. Not good news there.
It is Melinda's birthday tomorrow and wishing I'd sent something last week or had a chance to get up there.
Rob and I really enjoy the hot tub lately. We are in process of trying to buy much more life insurance and redesign our retirement plan and finances. Kirsten is feeling the crunch of taxes.
Weather today was glorious, not so great  for the girls who've had a lot of snow. Not sure what its like in China now, but just glad he made it back safely.
My how quickly the weeks float by-

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