Sunday, December 6, 2015

Second to last week on mission…..

We had our last soirée families with Soeur welter! She taught about faith. It went really well, and we played some games, but during the games I looked at my classes, and got to see my schedule! So that was cool.

We met up with a bunch of people and had some super good RDVs. To end it we celebrated Soeur welter a last night at our good old Macdo hang out. It was so fun, we laughed so hard, and just realized how much we love it here. We came home and helped Soeur welter pack, Tilby knocked out first at 11, then me at 11:30, then Kemp around 12:30and finally welter around 2. 

Got up and headed to Paris! We went directly to Gare de l'Est and had to drop off Soeur welter with the elders. I got to see one of the elders who was in the same MTC group as me, so that was cool to catch up. Then we went to le grand épicerie and we found some pumpkin purée which is like canned pumpkin because they didn't have any there. Sad. Anyways it was really fun Because the store is just super cool! I shared some iCloud photos. Then we got some baguette sandwiches and headed back to the train. We came and did splits with the members and had some RDVs. 

Woke up feeling like I inhaled chlorine water lol. But it stayed all day, and I sneezed a lot.. Dang! But we had 5 RDVs that day and some member splits it was crazy, we ran around Orleans all day long, I don't think we even ate, and at 8 we were all starving. So I was with Tilby coming back from a lesson and kemp was with another member, we were all meeting up and going to one last RDV. So it's the end of the month and we have like no money left, and nothing really fast to eat, so I'm on the phone with kemp and within the next couple days we have to pay for bus tickets, groceries, and dessert and rolls for the JA activity. Not knowing how to even buy the bus ticket to go to do service the next day in Montargis we were brainstorming, then while looking down praying I find a 5 euro bill behind a leaf! Ahhhhh the heavens opened! I couldn't believe it, I think in total I've found about 35 euros on the street from my entire mission. Just when I'm finally like, alright, Heavenly Father, I don't know how we're going to do this, but we really need your help... I find money! Haha so needless to say the tram ride home was me praising the heavens and I testify God answers prayers. We now had enough cash to get to Montargis and back! Whoop! Then I get a phone call from Soeur kemp because I told her what happened, well she told the story to the member, and the member was like, Ahhh you don't have enough? Then took Soeur kemp into the pizza parlor and bought us all pizza. :) I have to say life is good when the lord is on your side. 

Still super sick, my ears are hurting lots and I'm getting bloody noses. But we got up early and took the bus to Montargis, about a 2 hour bus ride to the east or Orleans to go do service on a boat. We spent the day there, and saying our last goodbyes to her. We cleaned out a back room with fleas and parasites. Em yes. Haha probably not super good for the lungs but we laughed. We then came back to the church running to make it on time to CDP. The meeting where all the leaders meet together. We had to present our missionary plan to the ward from president, it was about integrating our amis. 

Ok I'm thinking it's like a sinus infection, normally runny noses are not this painful. Haha I was utterly exhausted and it's kind like when you wake up and get ready and you are so tired you can't remember if it's last night or this morning haha. Anywho we had to start baking our rolls. So I made 60 rolls a pumpkin pie, and pumpkin squares (don't tell anyone it was me because I was super sick, but still made all the food lol) my comps planned out the next week while I did that. Then we went to the church and had a RDV with Vanessa. My best friend, haha. We started to set up for the JA activity. We have been planning it for 3 weeks now. Everyone came and brought something, and the theme was "Thanksgiving" lol. We played minute to win it games, the had a huge chicken (roasted) dinner with everything! It was so good! And did a spiritual lesson of what everyone is grateful for. We ended up having 7 investigators and 3 less actives come! That was huge! 

I'm literally about to give up and just stop trying to breath through my nose. Lol. I'm so done with it. We went to church and talked to the JAs who thanked us for the activity, they rated it within the top 3 best activities ever. So that was cool. And they had brought a bunch of friends that we talked with about the gospel. It was just an amazing night. Then the DMP asked if I would teach the lesson the 2nd hour because the normal teacher wasn't there. So I taught, "the signs of the second coming". Then it was the primary Sunday so we got to hear all of the little kids sing it was so cute! After church we had to go to the choir practice for the relief society. I don't know if I ever told you, but nobody in France knows how to play the piano. So I had to somewhat sight read half play while Soeur Tilby directed. Haha oh man. If that's the best you got, you can bet how good it was. But thank you mom for helping me learn to play the littlest bit on the piano, so I could at least read the notes. Lol. Then we went to our RDV with a less active family. Then we were invited to another JA activity at the penvernes, so we got dinner! Yay. It was super fun. I love this ward so much. They are so cool, and we are all just super good friends. It's so nice to have members that trust you, and help out in the missionary work. 

Things I learned:
Saline solution doesn't work as a decongestant haha. 
I broke my boots, fixed them, then the heel ripped apart. So, gel glue isn't the best shoe repair. 
Lucky charms in France costs $12.25 a box. 
Birds at the gare will eat out of your hand.
Hot chocolate made with soy milk is not my favorite. Though a baked apple is. 
We went over discussion methods (at a members house) to use when your married to avoid hurting each others feelings... Nailed it with companionship inventory. Hehe
I like mushrooms. It's official. 
I learned just a little bit more about patience and humility. Every day. 
I like being tired and sore knowing I did something awesome that day. 
My moms pumpkin bars are too popular among the French, and they will all hunt you down until you give them the recipe lol. 
I have way over 10 things to be greatful for, but I think something on top is Christmas trees 
Love you,
Soeur Stevens

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