Saturday, December 19, 2015

Report to High Council….

  This is a reminder that Sister Ashley Stevens has been asked to give a report of her mission to the High Council at 7:00 am tomorrow Sunday Dec 13th. Please come to the High Council room and I will come out and get you at the appropriate time. 
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Written by Mom ( Kirsten who was invited to listen), Nancy Moore was also in attendance.

The High Council asked Ashley some of the following questions:

Was there something significant you learned from your Mission President?

Ashley discussed how at a difficult time Pres. Babin called her and spoke of agency and that the people in France were making choices but Ashley had choices also. It was a very influential conversation regarding choosing happiness and the gospel.

Was there a companion that had a powerful impact on you as you served?

Ashley discussed that Soeur Simpson in the first 6 months had been there on a pivotal day. She was exhausted from the rejections and endless contacting that produced seemingly little to no result. One day Ashley had just had enough and said " I can't go, I can't keep doing this." It was at this point that Soeur Simpson told her to " put your shoes on". Ash expressed how life can be difficult and she'd learned that sometimes one needs to " put your shoes on" and forget yourself and remember your purpose as a missionary and later as a disciple of Christ and just carry on and that indeed things get better with perspective. 

Was there a time when you noticed the difference between testimony and conversion?

Ashley stated that about 6 months into the mission or earlier on,  she was having a difficult time. She really started praying and really digging into her scriptures. She started to put into action all the things she was teaching and apply the atonement and Christlike love. It was then that she felt the true conversion, of forgetting herself and focussing on others. 

Was there an experience you'd like to share?

Ashley shared about teaching in the very end of her mission and how gratifying it was to find someone and her friend to teach who truly were seeking a new knowledge. She felt very blessed but the experience. 

Ashley then bore her testimony in French and the spirit in the room was powerful. Everyone felt the strength  of her sweet testimony and months of service. Brother Pugmire raised his hand after her testimony and testified that he had inspiration that Ashley's work on the streets of France had indeed touched lives and made a difference.  I was asked to say a few words. I testified of the blessings that come to a family supporting a missionary and of her shining example in our family, and missionary work. Ashley and I both shook everyone's hands and she was congratulated on her successful completion of a mission well served. Later, Brother Jeff Moore told her she had really had an impact on all the men of the High Council that day with her testimony and report. 

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