Saturday, November 21, 2015

The week of Paris terror attacks ….

Well there is opposition to all things right. So as we made our epic goals, that morning I was making some calls on our phone for the week, and all of a sudden it stopped working. So I took everything out and re tried it. Nothing finally I got so annoyed I used the other soeurs phone and called the mission office. Turns out our SIM card broke, so we have to go a week without a phone, until it's replaced. 

Well this week we set some insane goals right? We did everything to accomplish them too! Even without a phoneWe met with our Amie Marie, we had a super good RDV with her and honestly one of the best ones I've had. Ah miracles. We also went and passed by some referrals we got. Nothing cam from them, but it's ok. 

We had no scheduled RDVs. It was going to be hard. But I prayed that we would find people and we contacted all day! ... And the best news we taught 4 lessons! It was crazy. 

District meeting. Stoked. Mostly because I always know how fun the formations are and how much I love this district. So the mission put out a goal for the 40 days before Christmas, we would do a "fast" so our mission goal is to pray every hour of the day and try to find one new ami everyday, so by Christmas we can give the lord our best efforts of a 40 days fast trying our hardest to being his sheep back. So our DL got creative like normal, and at first asked us what we thought our set backs were that makes it hard to focus on the work. Then we made a list of how we can over come them. Then he pulls out bocce balls. Haha so like last transfer we played like minute to win it with our comp to get more complicated unity, so he said, well for these goals you have to be in comp unity, so each person gets a bocce ball, and you and your comp are a team. The white ball is our objective to find the one new person everyday, but the other teams balls are the trials that will hit you as you go through. Haha so we played bocce ball as a district. It was super fun, and it reminded me of all the fun times we had together playing bocce ball on our side lawn. 

My favorite day of the week for missionary work. We had a ton of RDV, and we contacted everyone! We found a new ami! She's super cute too! We met our less active whose giving a talk on Sunday for church. Her topic was "purifying the heart" I gave her the general conference talk "what lack I yet" I think it helped a lot. Ah, we helped so many people that night too. 

We woke up with several RDV planned, but at 6:30am the DL called and told us the news. The mission held an immediate council, and then gave us the news we were to stay inside for the weekend. So yep, we had fun though, we played some card games, had some members ask if we needed anything. I love this ward, they are absolutely amazing. We were aloud to send you an email, and that's when France went into mourning. We've had several minutes of silence in memory of those who have passed. We prayed every hour that things might be ok. We took count of missionaries. It's amazing to see how organized the church is in situations like this. The leaders are truly inspired, and I know President has seriously been in so much stress the last couple days about what to do with the missionaries here. He's so worried about everyone of us. 

We were able to go to church. The minute we got to church there were two of the big priesthood guys standing at the entrance, they greeted us, they had to look in bags (even though we weren't aloud to wear any sacks or back packs) and then the bishop quickly ushered us over and gave us directions. There was only one door to be opened the others were locked and barricaded. If there was anyone that came in that we didn't recognize we were to "kindly ask for ID" and get a priesthood holder there immediately. It was crazy. But it's true they are attacking Christians right now. The ward was very distraught and the topics were "Food storage, and emergency situations" so it was weird. So many people here are grieving so much. I was just pushed to tears during sacrament. I know several of the places that were attacked, and I know some people who had loved ones that were in there. 
*story time. 
We taught with a member who he is 20 getting ready for his mission. So we were talking and he has a lot of friends in Paris for studies, one of his friends fiancé was at the Bataclan concert but felt the spirit tell her to leave, so she immediately got up and left the concert early. Not knowing why, a couple minutes later before she got home her fiancé called her and the member that we know just in tears. How grateful was she. The member was just in shock the entire time at what had happened. 
I feel like as a missionary and after serving these people for the last 16 months my heart really did grieve with them we all were getting larmes aux yeux. I pray for these people so much. 

Something I learned:
John 16
33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
(I'm trying to finish the New Testament now by the way mom). But I read this during studies and I just though about how true it is. 
We find peace because of Him. It kind of gives a whole new meaning to the atonement. No matter what happens in the world. We will always be able to keep our hope and faith. No man can take that away from us. It is ours. 

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